Wednesday, February 27

How to take on the powerful news media, Part 3

This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

As noted in the last segment of this series, commentary sections on news websites are golden opportunities to publicly voice distaste for Leftist news articles.  Just imagine a reader, going through an article, soaking up the subversive messages and emotional triggers, being confronted with a long list of pro-liberty comments.  Opposition is something to be vocalized.

It is no secret that people tend to listen to their peers with more interest than to those who are of a different kind.  If they notice trends occurring, they will reconsider positions that they hold.  Also, if they notice a trend of opposition toward a particular information source, they will become more skeptical of its veracity.

1.)  Locate Leftist news article on a Leftist news source website.
2.)  Read the article to understand the position taken and points made.
3.)  Write a comment that conveys disgust and disagreement.  Also, hint that the news source cannot be trusted.
4.) a.  Make a brief counter-argument.
4.) b.  It is helpful to post links to opposing material in order to re-direct the readers' attention away from the news source.

Try and make comments that suggest disingenuous behavior on the part of the news source.  It is important that you inform our fellow citizens that they cannot trust the news.  In order to weaken the stranglehold that the news media has on our political scene, we must deny them their ability to implant their ideas and false narratives in the minds of their readers.  There must be a disconnect created between the news source and the reader in order to mitigate the effectiveness of the media propaganda.  This disconnect can best be understood as a failure to communicate a message to a receptive mind.  By frequently making comments on Leftist news websites, we lessen the receptiveness of readers' minds.  We cause them to second guess what they are reading.  Even readers who vote for the Left will be forced to confront opposition from other readers.  This is much better than allowing Leftist news articles to go without rebuke and to stand on their own.

If news sources gain the reputation of being "political," this too will diminish them. 

Here are some good examples of comments one could make on a Leftist news article:

"I can't believe this!  Is this really supposed to be news?  The argument made here simply has no data to back it up."

"The level of dishonesty here is mind-boggling.  I can't believe they'd stoop this low.  This isn't even news, it's just some idiot emotionally rambling.  He should get a diary."

"Reading this was a complete waste of time.  I gained nothing from it, save a headache.  They didn't even present a coherent idea!"

"This article is complete hyperbole.  It's filled with logical fallacies.  It's as if the writer had never written any papers in college."

"This article is a good example of propaganda.  There is no real argument made, just a bunch of political colloquialisms and guesswork."

"I'm going to stop reading Newspaper X because they keep putting out articles like this.  There is no value here whatsoever."  This is just political propaganda.

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