Saturday, February 9

Oak Harbor, Washington- Citizens come out for second amendment

Oak Harbor, Washington is small town. The citizens of this small town fired a huge shot to those who make up the rabid gun hating left or those who think that gun free zones are the answer. Ask Chicago, Detroit how well strict guns laws backfire and lead to more deaths.

Two videos for you to watch and not sure how long these will be up to view. Other videos can be found at the link below in the feed.

Thanks to lowtechgrannie from Fellowship Of the Minds.

John Davis states how many of us feel about what is taking place in our once fine REPUBLIC. Democracy equals socialism, communism. PatriotUSA

"The Cliff Howard Youtube Channel has posted the individual citizen comments.  I have a feeling these videos may soon disappear so I took this screenshot." From LTG

Cliff Howard Youtube Channel

Source is here.

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