Friday, February 1

Obama Screws Christie, Christie to Appoint GOP Senator

(WeeklyStandard) If Senator Bob Menendez (D) of New Jersey either steps down or is removed from office, Governor Chris Christie, a Republican, will get the chance to choose his replacement.

One Republican suggested to me that should Senator Menendez step down, Christie would likely appoint Joe Kyrillos, the state senator from New Jersey. Kyrillos ran against Menendez in the November election, but ultimately lost the election by sizable margin.

“Majority Conference Leader from 1997-2002, Senator Kyrillos sits on both the Senate Economic Growth and Judiciary committees. He was the Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee from 2001-2004 and New Jersey Chairman for Mitt Romney's 2008 presidential campaign. In 2009, he served as the Chairman of Governor Chris Christie's successful campaign and was a member of his transition committee serving as the liaison to all transition sub-committees.”

He is an ally of Christie’s in the state senate.

Menendez faces shocking allegations of accepting benefits from a campaign donor and having sexual intercourse with underage prostitute abroad. He has repaid the campaign donor, who is now under an FBI investigation, tens of thousands of dollars for flights on the donor’s private plane.

Sooner or later, the Democrat Senator from NJ will step down and resign for his lewd conduct as senator. Because Obama decide to play politics with the aid for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Christie will play the same game. When the time to appoint the replacement for Menendez, Christie will stick it back to Obama and appoint a Republican to fill the spot. Revenge is a bitch.

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