Thursday, February 14

OBAMA SOTU Stress to Increase Minimum Wage??

To Liberals who need a simplified answer to the minimum waged debate, please read the above picture. Business can pay whatever they want to their employees. If the pay sucks, find another job. It is your choice to get an education and make a difference or work flipping burgers. Business create jobs. A companies goal is to make a profit and to make shareholders (the investors) happy. Government intervention destroys business.

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Steven Capps said...

I feel that this picture makes it seem that people who are stuck working in a minimum wage jobs are all guilty of being lazy, unambitious, or even stupid. I personally do not believe that increasing the minimum wage is a great solution as it helps drive up inflation and makes jobs that already pay above the minimum wage worse, but this picture seems to be stereotyping a large segment of the population unfairly.

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