Monday, February 4

The Castration Of Free Nations: Another Perspective On Gun Control

This essay was reproduced from The Victory For Liberty Center blog.

The Leftists hate and demonize guns, fast cars, big trucks, yachts, and private planes.  They despise everything that is identified with manhood and fortitude in general. They require the regulation of all things of fortitude and significance.  They fear the objects that men traditionally employ.  Over time, the Left has managed to castrate our culture in multiple ways.

Often we hear pitiful commentaries from cultural Leftists on the things previously listed.  Some Leftists violate their own principal by claiming that guns and fast cars are "penis substitutes," when in fact, these Leftists are the true wusses, and the promoters of diminished manhood.  These commentaries fall under the category of: "Loser Lamentations."  A "loser's lament" is when a person invents excuses to compensate for their own failings and lame existence.  They will strike out at winners in an effort denigrate them, while they escape just chastisement for their weakness.

The Left, being opposed to tradition, challenges the accepted expectations of men in society.  They seek to turn society on its head, by disposing of duties relegated to specific groups.  Masculinity is anathema to the ideal that is Leftism, because the existence of masculinity in and of itself indicates that people are born with individual prerogatives and duties.  Men are expected to be masculine, and this expectation runs against the new worldview that "Progressives" have promoted.  To the Leftist, all change is progress.  Change for change itself is seen as progress in a categorical sense.  The purposeful smashing of tradition is seen as progress, when in fact it is an outlet for the anger and frustration that Leftists feel when confronted with societal expectations and traditional values. This smashing of tradition is also an outlet for the childish lust over rebellion that Leftists harbor within their psyche.

Masculinity and femininity are anathema to the Left, because they indicate the true identity of a person versus the false identity that is preferred by the Post-Modern Age.  Feminism has proved to be far more dangerous than was first anticipated, for it has set a certain cultural mechanism in motion.  Most of us do not fully realize just how harmful feminism has been.  In short, the family unit itself, which is the basis for civilization, is being deconstructed slowly over time.  But how?  The answer is simple: Feminism and similar gender reform movements have obliterated what it means to be a man or a woman.  Therefore, people today are confused as to what their identity is and how they ought to act.

This brings us to the gun control debate.  Today, "men" who are afraid of guns demonize them and call for them to be confiscated from private owners.  Instead of learning how to use guns as tools, these "men" on the Left have lost all self-confidence and do not recognize themselves as being capable of possessing and utilizing firearms.  They fail to recognize that men, as part of their duty to be men, learn to safely and properly utilize firearms.  Therefore, the Leftist "men" do not recognize gun ownership as being natural and useful.  The utilitarian facets of manhood dictate the opposite, but the Leftists do not care.  They are too busy reinventing the wheel in order to enter their names into the history books to care about what is true and right, and what works. 

Men have historically been protectors and hunters, and have therefore owned firearms as part of their "kit."  This is a fact.  What the Leftists fail to see, is that this dynamic is universal, and thus still applicable, to men.  To them, the need for gun ownership is a distant memory from before their gender obliteration initiatives first took form.  To them gun ownership is scary and lacks propriety in the modern day world.  Many Leftists would defecate in their pants if someone placed a gun in their hands.

Perhaps it is an insult to women to call male proponents of gun control "effeminate."  Rest assured, women too should learn to shoot and own guns.  Femininity and masculinity are two sides of the same coin.  They nurture each other, and together, give the people of a society a sense of mission in life and in their society.  But men are the people of force, the people who fight, the people called to strength.  Manliness dictates that men defend their families and communities, and therefore should arm themselves accordingly.  The Left disagrees since the "men" on the Left do not seek to uphold their gender identity.  They prefer to be sissies and escape responsibility, including the call to arms.  They do not view themselves as defenders and utilizers of tools, and therefore do not seek to be armed.  The term "castration" is accurate and appropriate in this context since it only means the removal of manhood versus an actual change from the male gender to the female.

For those to whom the term "castrato" (castrati being the plural) is unfamiliar: In the past, some men were selected during childhood to be castrated for various reasons.  Most commonly this was done to enhance vocal performance for singing, or so that the castrati would qualify as high ranking servants in the homes of prosperous men who sought butlers that could be trusted not to copulate with their wives.  Today, the "innovators" in our culture seek to turn all of us men into castrati.  One popular political radio host even coined the term "New Castrati" to describe effeminate Leftist men.

It is time to call the anti-gunners what they are: a load of sissies.  This is the identity that they have accepted, this is their way of life.  They are not real men, but are reprobates who fail to live up to their duties.  To them, guns are not hallowed tools to be respected and utilized, but are objects of fear and trepidation.

The Left seeks to undo and shun that which is manly, and replace it with an androgynous, lame excuse.  The excuse is the "new male" of our times.  This sad character disdains guns, fast cars, big trucks, yachts, and private planes.  He sees them as symbols of excess and of an old order that is obsolete.  In essence, the new male (who is the poster child for the Left) thinks that he is the product of "progress" when in fact he is a degenerate.

The Leftists truly are the New Castrati.

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