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The Gun Control Debate and Rep. Chris Holbert (R-CO) – Part III

by Mark A. Cohen

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Colorado State Representative Chris Holbert Colorado State Representative Chris Holbert Colorado State Representative Chris Holbert

I posted Part I of this series on Feb 5, 2013.

I posted Part II of this series on Feb 12, 2013.

This one, Part III, is the final post of this series.

A couple of weeks ago Rep. Chris Holbert (R-CO) accomplished for conservatives what I try to do with this blog for everyone. He made a mere suggestion, posed a couple of hypothetical questions, and took some of us off the beaten path. When we all head down the rabbit hole in a hurry, sometimes it takes a simple, clear, and bold statement to reverse course. He did this for me, and I appreciated it. Republicans must learn to highlight sensible alternatives, as Rep. Holbert did, and they need to communicate the same to open-minded people who don’t necessarily identify as conservatives. Our message, our way can resonate, but, to use a baseball metaphor, will our elected officials step up to the plate and hit a double - which might just turn into a home run?

The idea to ban munitions for the general public seems overly charged with emotion and void of careful thought. Not to everyone, perhaps, but to me. Can the ordinary citizen remain calm enough to aim at and shoot several drug-crazed thieves in his or her living room - with only one weapon and a handful of bullets? Would we succeed in defending our families with this restriction in place? I saw Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. speak about the issue on TV. He calmly urged residents to “take a firearm safety course.” After reviewing the same video, one of the pundits on NBC’s Today show said that they heard nothing of safety in Clarke’s message, so they obviously didn’t listen to what he said, and two others called the sheriff irresponsible. With cuts in many local budgets, I disagree, and think Sheriff Clarke showed competency when he said, “I need you in the game.” He meant that the police can’t do it alone – they need a ready public.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke

The Obama Administration’s Department of Homeland Security issued a video which, in the case of an attack on your workplace suggests that you to run, hide, and pleads that defenders use anything they can find (not a gun) against the assailants. It shows a participant in a staged event grabbing a pair of scissors from a drawer. Which idea makes more sense? Would you choose to defend yourself with some heat, or run, hide, and use a pair of scissors?

Democrats hurriedly drafted new legislation, but shouldn’t we further refine Gabby Gifford’s statement in which she urges our national legislators to take action, RIGHT NOW? Yes, the issue requires more study. Thanks to Colorado State Representative Chris Holbert for keeping us informed and thinking about the gun debate’s intricacies. We need fewer knee-jerk reactions, and more consideration. The people tire of lawmakers making major decisions on their behalf - without presenting the proof. This is not the end of the debate, Ms. Giffords. You said that the “time is now.” Of course it is, but not for immediate action, for clarification and more examination, instead. We need to mull this one over a while before we make any old change because we feel panicky. Sorry, we’ll need to see what’s in this bill before they pass it!


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