Tuesday, February 19

How to take on the powerful news media, Part 2

 This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.  It is part of an on-going series.

One of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal is the Internet.  The news media is losing the information race to the Internet, and has been for over a decade.  More citizens are turning to Internet information sources instead of TV news or newspapers. 

Those who know how to properly use Internet resources shape public opinion.  This means that you must learn how to properly utilize these resources.  It used to be, that you would pass out pamphlets if you wanted to get out a political message.   Printed material is difficult to distribute and costly.  Our ability to communicate is increased dramatically by the Internet.  In fact, these added resources that we didn't have 20 years ago actually give us the ability to fight back against the Leftist, mainstream news media.

In the past, if people were uninterested or disagreed with your position, they would simply refuse to take pamphlets or would throw them in trash as soon as possible.  But with the Internet, people are better exposed to information, and don't always have a choice in their reading.  The Internet forces us to confront issues in a very unique way.  The amount of feedback to news articles and public issues is actually astounding compared to what we used to have.  We now "like" or "dislike" things in addition to commenting on them.  Now when we read an article on a Leftist-controlled news website, we see comment sections containing various opinions.

It is this ability to share our opinions that is one of the more powerful aspects of modern Internet communication.  Everywhere on the Internet we have the ability to leave commentary, anecdotes, and the like attached to information that others have posted.  When we log on to a social network such as Facebook or Twitter, we are confronted with feedback from our friends, family, and acquaintances.  We have feedback given to us for many of our published actions as well as those of our friends.  You can't hardly sneeze on the Internet without someone throwing a tissue at you.

So how can we take effective action utilizing these features that we have just discussed?

1.)  Identify Leftist news articles, videos, blog posts, fan pages, Facebook pages, etc. that allow for comments or "like/dislike" approval systems.
2.)  Understand the issues and arguments presented.
3.)  Vocalize distaste for the information either through commentary or through the like/dislike approval system.
4.)  If written commentary is posted, be sure to use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.  Make it professional grade writing.
5.)  Limit flowery language and slogans.  Slogans are good, and should be spread, but must be accompanied by a well-structured statement.
6.)  Spread the word.  Tell your friends about the Leftist material, and encourage them to show disapproval on that specific material.

This simple process works wonders when combating the false consensus propagated by the news media.  If you remember from an earlier post, the creation of a false consensus is one of the news media's most effective tools, and a necessary step in their process of ideological subversion.

It is most disconcerting for the news media, and most informative for their readership/viewership, to see a list of comments opposed to the news media's efforts to further the agenda of the Left.  The VFLC does not ask you for donations of money.  Instead you are asked to donate a small amount of time for your country and your liberty.

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The Victory For Liberty Center is committed to informing and coordinating grassroots efforts that will lead to victories for liberty over tyranny.  VFLC encourages activism and provides the tools with which lovers of liberty can win.  VFLC does not seek to be labeled "Conservative," "Libertarian," or "Republican," nor does it disdain any of these categories.  All there is, is a love for liberty.  VFLC seeks to foster unity, and to spread information as well as aggressive tactics pertinent to the cause of liberty.  Together, we can win!  Join us at victoryforliberty.blogspot.com

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