Tuesday, March 12

ABC News Pro-Jihad Coverage "San Francisco leaders denounce Muni ads as anti-Muslim"

Atlas Shrugs - This is the second time the San Francisco city government has given the ad revenue from our campaigns to Muslim groups for inter-faith dialogue (a euphemism for dawah -- proselytizing). San Francisco residents should demand a full accounting of how the close to $15,000 was spent. No taxpayer money should be used to advance a religion or supremacy of any kind.

I love how the Hamas-CAIR dissembler says, "It makes them uncomfortable to ride the buses, makes them worry about their safety and how people are looking at them." Worry? About what? Imagine how the slaughtered, the subjugated, the beheaded, the oppressed, and the thousands of victims of jihad wars feel. Such blatant lying is an insult to our intelligence. As for the media.... what inteliigence? They are irrational, incapable of reason.

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