Saturday, March 23

After 4 long years the Senate passes a budget that calls for huge tax hikes

Good Lord, has it really happened? The Senate has passed a budget for the first time in 4 years!! It passed 50 to 49 without a single Republican agreeing to it and four democrats voted against it. What next? Well, to be honest? Nothing. It will be shot down in the house.  No way would this ever pass. It calls for a trillion dollars in tax increases and will cut the deficit somewhat in 10 years. In the past (distant past) the house and the senate have compromised and made a budget that was agreeable to everyone. Don’t look for that to happen.
It took 13 hours to arrive at the budget proposal which will now go to the house to be shot down. It was largely passed as a bargaining chip. The actual budget SHOULD be a compromise between this plan and Paul Ryan’s plan, which in sharp contrast cuts trillions of government spending and balances the budget completely in 10 years.
Obama is expected to put in yet a THIRD plan and then in some type of mish-mash of the three they theoretically will arrive at a budget that would pass the house, the senate, and get signed by the president. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. The house and Senate are completely opposite in what they want. The house wants spending cut, the senate wants taxes raised. This has all the makings of yet another debacle that actually does nothing.
I don’t know where the democrats think we will get the money from. Most of us are taxed enough already.  Showing the results of the last increase in taxes that took place shortly after January, people saw 2% less in their paychecks, the economy took a steep downturn. People have less in their paychecks to spend so they don’t shop as much. Its really all just common sense to the average american. Make less, spend less.
“Our chair says this is a pro-growth, pro-middle class budget. I say it’s a pro-tax, pro-spend, pro-debt budget,” said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama. “It’s a budget that comes nowhere near doing the things necessary to put America on a sound path.” Hmmmmm sounds a little bit like more of the same. Spend and tax our way out of debt at the expense of the American People.  I thought the democrats were for “the little guy”? I have always laughed at that notion. A bunch of incredibly rich people working hard to make life easier for the poor person? Come on now. Can we be realistic?
sentate deal
BTW, does anyone actually have Obamacare yet? I haven’t seen my healthcare cost drop one bit. I don’t have national healthcare. I pay for my own n health insurance. Where is it? I thought it was supposed to help everyone out?  Does anyone you know have Obamacare? Where is all the money going?  This whole thing reeks.
At any rate, I’ll be keeping an eye on the negotiations to see how congress tries to sell us out more. For now, I wouldn’t worry, nothing will change. It will be more of the same empty rhetoric that has been typical of congress and Obama for the last 4+ years.

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Wilma Jones-Swinson said...

This is what Obama wants to delay the budget until the elections next year in the hopes to make both the House and Senate democratic so that he can just do what he wants to do.

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