Wednesday, March 20

Assault Weapons Ban Dropped in Senate. Liberals everywhere outraged. (LOL)

Harry Reid was forced to drop the so called “Assault Weapons Ban” from the gun control legislation he is going to bring to the floor  next month.  It was a clear victory for 2nd amendment activists. However Sen. Diane Feinstein lamented, ““Obviously I’m disappointed.” The votes just weren't there for the ban.The liberal media goes on to echo her sentiments expressing bitter outrage that the senate couldn’t bring about the beginning of dismantling the 2nd Amendment.  The New York Daily News headline, ” Shame on the U.S.” Of course expressing shame for the country they live and write in, is par for the course for leftist rags. I’m sure this came a huge shock for the liberal Huffington Post which assured its readers yesterday, “ Senate committee ready to approve assault weapons ban”. Talk about egg on your face. How embarrassing. 
egg on your face
Next on this list is the background checks legislation. It seems Harry Reid is possibly reconsidering bringing this piece of legislation to the floor as well. It has limited support from the GOP and second amendment activists are sure to protest it. We already have background checks. Why do we need “universal” background checks? What is that going to do?  It will do nothing. Check the backgrounds of the nutjobs who have done mass violence in the last year.  Most of them have had no criminal record. You will always have a few rare crazy people who commit acts of violence. Overall society is much safer as a whole. You are far less likely to be killed by gunfire than you were 25 years ago despite more people than ever owning guns.
naive liberals

I cannot for the life of me understand why, oh why do the leftists NOT understand that gun control legislation hurts law abiding people and gives the OK for criminals to arm themselves against a weakened and unarmed society.  Lets look at it logically? Has making marijuana illegal stopped people from smoking it? OF course not. Did prohibition stop people from drinking? Nope. Do laws about not stealing, and killing stop people from stealing and killing? NO. This will not work. Liberal logic is something like this.
Makes sense?
Makes sense?

I mean honestly, why not just put a big red bulls-eye on American society? That’s how it seems.  Lets all make sure that we call our state senators and representatives and let them know that our vote depends on their vote.  This is an important time. We must keep the federal government from taking our rights away a little at a time. This is how they start.  Don’t let them start the downward spiral into tyranny. It all starts very innocently, in the name of “protecting” us. How is it protecting us to make us weaker as a whole?  Today was a big win. Make next month a bigger win. Don’t remain silent. Let your congresspeople know, WE WONT STAND DOWN. 

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