Friday, March 29

Christian Professor denied promotion because of his beliefs will get his day in court

University of North Carolina Wilmington professor  Mike Adams, is a conservative. In fact in his column a few weeks ago, he sarcastically blasted the idea that a university should exclude a Chick-fil-A restaurant from the property because of the views of the owner.  He scoffed, that the “rainbow symbol” made him uncomfortable and was a symbol of hate.  He pointed out the stupidity of banning things because of views that are different from your own.
He claims that he was passed over for promotion because of his conservative views.  He was denied full professorship and now after fighting for almost 7 years, he is going to get to take his case to court.
The Alliance Defending Freedom says that the 4th U.S. Court of Appeals has decided that his columns and writings OUTSIDE of the work environment is protected free speech, and he can take his case to court.
In 2006 when he was denied promotion he had “Multiple awards and rave reviews” from student, for his teachings and had published more articles than all but two of his colleagues. Despite being more accomplished than the majority of his peers he was denied promotion.
Well finally a North Carolina jury will get to hear the case.  Senior U.S. district Judge Malcolm  J. Howard rejected a UNC-Wilimington motion to dismiss. The judge stated that Mr. Adams had brought forth enough evidence to conclude that a reasonable jury could find that his speech was a motivating factor in the decision to deny him promotion.
This will be interesting case to watch in the fall. I believe that given my examination of the evidence, it is possible that the reason he was denied promotion was because of his conservative Christian beliefs. Seeing as how he was a very accomplished professor, and had published many peer-reviewed articles than most of the other professors and had even been given awards by the University, what other reason could there have been. I will reserve judgement until I have seen what the University has to say.
This is part of the war on Christianity that has become so disturbing. Places like Chik-fil-A are ostracized while Starbucks is glorified. Anyone who dares voice an opinion contrary to what the MSM has deemed “Politically Correct”, is not tolerated. This is typical of liberals. Tolerance only extends to the people who think and act like them. Everyone else is to be “boycotted”, or ridiculed, and called a bigot. Heads up…. It’s working. Christians are increasingly ridiculed and hated while other religions are much more tolerated. If you were to deny a Muslim professor promotion because of his beliefs the ACLU and everyone else would be all over it. Why hasn’t this case been more mainstream? Because it doesn’t conform with the MSM view of how the world should be.
Take heed Christians. The discrimination is growing. Fight back. If you are discriminated against by a job, don’t TAKE it. you do have the right to your views and you MAY not be discriminated against because of it.

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