Sunday, March 31

How to Destroy America


            If you hated this country and were looking for ways to diminish it, punish it or absolutely destroy it—what would you do?


            Among the things you might consider is to discontinue this country’s War on Terror. Never mind that the terrorists (oops, members of this administration HATE the use of that word!) won’t quit fighting; we can unilaterally stand down. How? We can begin by refusing to even acknowledge that what we have been engaged in since 2003 is really a war on terror but is instead only “An Overseas Contingency Operation.” We could follow that up by closing down Guantanamo, the prison where those who have been captured in the act of killing or attempting to kill Americans have been held. We can put those “lawbreakers” (not prisoners of war; that sounds too vulgar) in with the rest of the criminals doing time in our prisons in mainland America, where they will have access to an inexhaustible number of disaffected people with a penchant for violence. They will be able to recruit Jihadists to their heart’s content.


Someone wishing ill to America could travel all over the world making abject apologies on behalf of this country for every ill known to man, real or imaginary, whether America had anything to do with creating the problem(s). One could refuse to say anything positive about America, either on foreign soil or at home. This would reduce pride in our country and its accomplishments, and hopefully make America susceptible to suggestions that she should become just like all those wonderful European countries that are far more sophisticated, civil and urbane than upstart America. Why should we talk about America’s special gifts, talents, contributions and wealth? There’s nothing so special about this country, is there?


You could then set out on a witch hunt to find and punish those individuals who, following the advice of the Justice Department and legal advisors of that day, elicited information from captive terrorists by employing methods that, in retrospect, our new Presidential administration and John McCain deems “illegal.” You can make certain that these methods of interrogation, whether they were successful, are never used again—and assure any future enemies that they will not be placed in any discomfort upon capture. You can ignore the fact that such a witch hunt as described above will destroy morale and the effectiveness of the organization charged with the responsibility of gathering information to keep our country safe.  The CIA’s effectiveness has always been overrated, anyway.


One other initiative we could… well, abandon, in this instance… is the missile shield that we had agreed to erect in Poland and Czechoslovakia to help protect those countries from the possibility of nuclear attack by the rogue nation of Iran. That will accomplish two or three things. Number one, it will relieve us of the onerous responsibility of having friends in Eastern Europe. These countries are not important, anyway—who needs them?  Secondly, the shield we were set to erect is not as good as the one we will have ready in 2018, so why waste time putting in a system that will only have to be replaced in nine or ten years? This makes the United States maybe a little more vulnerable to a missile attack by Iran and Russia—at least, the coastal area of the eastern United States—but everybody has to pay a price for hope and change.



            Pull our troops out of Iraq early, as the administration has persuaded their Prime Minister to request, and that war will also end up in abject failure. Not our fault; we did our part. Then we can hang on in Afghanistan for a few more months before we give in to the tremendous pressure from the left to get out of an unpopular war that is none of our business.



            Another thing that you might do is devise a means of increasing this country’s debt many-fold, under the guise of lifting us out of a terrible depression. The debts thus accrued can never be paid back, and might well lead to insolvency for the entire nation, and eventual bankruptcy. For added measure, you could increase the already onerous tax burden upon this country’s working-class citizens and small businesses, thereby destroying incentives to achieve and prosper. To further exacerbate the lack of incentives, devise a program to redistribute the wealth by taking from the producers and giving that largesse to the non-producers. This is guaranteed to worsen the already acute problem of wealth and class envy. In a subtle way, using the government to distribute ‘charity’ (welfare of all stripes) removes the personal involvement in that process that each of us need not now experience. We will remove from public discourse any references to personal and family responsibility for ourselves and our progeny.



            We could announce that we are no longer seeking and drilling for oil in America, that we do not wish to drill off-shore (we do not want to interfere with the Cubans and Chinese, who ARE drilling off our shores!), nor do we want to drill for oil in those pristine northern reaches of Alaska, where there is a vast pool of oil. We will not allow drilling to be done in the mountain west, where there are proven oil reserves that would satisfy all this country’s projected needs for fifty years. No, we will instead say we are going to develop alternative means of fueling our factories, running our cars and heating our homes. That way, those nations who have oil (most of which do not like America) can charge us whatever they wish for their product, and we will have no choice but to pay that price—until we get our alternative sources up and running say, in 2030 or so.



            Let’s see—you could insult all your friends (Israel, England, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Germany, Georgia, etc.) and praise what were once your enemies (terrorists in Palestine, terrorist Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and the world over, Hugo Chavez, etc.) and keep telling Americans, “There is no such thing as a bad Muslim; it is only that George Bush demonized them and stirred up hatred.  Once they understand that we like them, they will cease and desist being our enemy. We must make them understand that we are not at war with them.”


            That should pretty well do it, don’t you think?

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