Wednesday, March 13

Meet The ‘Gun Girl’ Whose Question Freaked Out a U.S. Congressman

Meet The ‘Gun Girl’ Whose Question Freaked Out a U.S. Congressman: The Blaze

Meet the Gun Girl who asked Rep Moran about being pro choice on GunsLate Tuesday afternoon, TheBlaze featured a video from a Virginia town hall meeting hosted by Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA). During that town hall meeting titled, “Preventing Another Newtown, A Conversation On Gun Violence In America,” a young girl asked the Congressman a simple question.

“Why aren’t you pro-choice when it comes to self-defense for women?” she said.

Despite the positive reaction from the crowd, Mr. Moran decided to completely avoid the question and looked past the young lady who asked it. And despite the subtitle of the event (“A conversation on gun violence in America.”), there was no conversation between the Congressman and the young woman. Rep. Moran chose to look past the woman and ask for the next question.

TheBlaze has been unsuccessful in our efforts to speak with anyone at Rep. Moran’s office for comment on the incident. However, we tracked down the woman to ask her about the incident and her motivation for attending the town hall meeting.

Who is the “gun girl?”

Meet Celia Bigelow, a 2012 college graduate who moved from Michigan to Texas and then Virginia, all in the past year.

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1 comment:

Liberty At'Stake said...

Give Moran the benefit of the doubt. It was after noon, so there's a good chance might have already been drunk and really didn't notice the young patriot standing before him.

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