Tuesday, March 19

NJ children services threaten the fourth amendment rights of a Dad over a Facebook picture?

mans home is invaded by the police and NJ’s DYFS, without a warrant because of a Facebook picture posted of a mans 11 year old sun holding a .22 caliber rifle. . The gun is designed to look like an AR-15, but is in fact a .22 caliber rifle, which I would think that the police should be able to recognize.  However, after this  ”frightening” picture was posted on Facebook, apparently that was grounds for  the following actions. 
Looks terrifying yes? (sarcasm)
Looks terrifying yes? (sarcasm)

  1. NJ’s DYFS, came to his home with no less than 4 armed police officers. They said they were responding to a call about a photo of a young boy holding a gun.
  2. They then demanded entry into in to Shawn Moore’s home. Without a search warrant. Mr. Moore was not home, but his wife called him and he came immediately.
  3. Mr. Moore called his attorney and had him listen to the exchange on the phone with the police and DYFS.  Moore politely refused access to his home and and gun safe.
  4. When Mr. Moore asked for the name of the DFYS representative, she would not tell him her name.
  5. DYFS then left, but threatened to “take my kids” . The family service worker who refused to identify herself left without seeing the home.

fourth amendement
Now another fact that should be mentioned is Mr. Moore has 3 firearms designations.
  • NRA Certified Firearms Instructor – One of the toughest certifications to attain, requiring skills with the weapons as well as teaching.
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Instructor
  • NJ State Certified Firearms Hunting Instructor
Shawn’s son has been certified by the state of New Jersey. In NJ a person under 18 has to have a parent or adult supervisor with them, but they must also pass a hunter safety test approved by the state of NJ. His father was NOT the instructor of the course he took and the boy passed easily.
Now, lets consider. A man who has obviously a lot of experience, in gun safety, and has been certified by the state of NJ as an instructor, took a picture of his son, holding a .22 caliber gun. The son is legally certified as a minor hunter in the state of NJ. The man owns the guns legally, and has broken not a single law in NJ that applies to gun control legislation. Yet the police and children’s protective services felt free to attempt to violate our constitutional right to bee free from unlawful search.
This has gotten out of control. You may not violate a persons 4th amendment right in the name of “safety” when they have violated no laws. Does the child look injured in the picture? NO. Does he look intimidated? I don’t think so. He looks happy, perhaps a bit proud.  Why on earth do people think they have the right to stomp on our constitutional rights in the name of false safety. This child was clearly no danger to anyone. A rudimentary check would’ve shown his certifications. This was a witch hunt.
Mr. Moore feels that the war on guns was brought to his door. From this account, I’d say I have to agree. The left will use any excuse to stomp on the constitution in the name of protecting us from ourselves. Its ludicrous really. A well supervised kid who is certified in hunting safety and supervised by a hunting safety instructor is a threat? Or is somehow in danger? This is pure tyranny.
Liberals don’t seem to understand, YOU CANNOT CONTROL us. You may try. We are law abiding, and decent citizens of the U.S. We will not be cowed by you. You bully, and intimidate, and threaten, but the truth  is its all a bunch of hot air. We know our rights. You cannot just force your way into our homes, and demand to see our children, and our safes, and violate our 4th amendment rights. America is fighting back. We are tired of liberal hoplophobia. Your irrational fears are not going to control us. Is that understood? I certainly hope so.


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Ned G said...

I am an Australian and I love America..
And I love the 4th Amendment..
Fight to keep your rights..!

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