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Of Constitutions and Democracies

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Most school children in the United States are taught about freedom and liberty from early elementary school onward.  They do not always receive a properly articulated vision of liberty, and often complete their education without understanding what things facilitate liberty.  If one were to ask an average American: "What element of government facilitates liberty, or makes a government a 'free' government?"  Chances are, they would answer: "Democracy!"  And they would be wrong.

Democracy in and of itself is not freedom.  Liberty does not necessarily reside with public opinion.  In fact, Democracy possesses the capability of creating a "tyranny of the majority."  Tyranny is often viewed in the mode of a Dictatorship or Oligarchy, but in fact, the mob is as deadly a threat to liberty as any individual or elite circle.  The smallest, most oppressed minority, is the individual.

When public opinion is pitted against the rights of an individual, the public will must not be permitted to infringe.  No matter what the masses may think, the rights of the individual must stand. The American government is structured in such a way that the individual is honored and protected.  However, this protection does not stem from Democracy, but from a constitution.

And so, we possess a special document.  A paper.  An inanimate object.  And this object does a far better job at protecting liberty than any leader, or the masses for that matter.  For leaders change with time, and so do their goals.  The masses may band together to bind and to steal from the individual.  A constitution prevents the inevitable abuse of men who would keep us like cattle for their own personal ends, and those of their friends.  Only a constitution, an unchanging entity, can preserve a governmental structure, and the principle of liberty.

It is important for us to articulate the concept of a free government.  We, the lovers of liberty, must strive daily to educate our fellow men.  We must speak of the importance of a constitution, and remind those poor souls who were misinformed by the public education system and mass media that Democracy is somehow a guarantee of liberty, that the mob lacks the nobler intentions.  Democracy is not what makes this nation unique, for only a constitution can assure that one's rights are protected.

Let us cherish and celebrate the U.S. Constitution daily, and remind our friends and neighbors of what this piece of paper does for them. 

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