Tuesday, March 26

Rand Paul threatens another filibuster over gun control

Is Rand Paul planning another filibuster? According to the letter that was sent to Harry Reid, the answer is maybe. “We will oppose the motion to proceed to any legislation that will serve as a vehicle for any additional gun restrictions”.  The statement sent by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee is a thinly veiled threat to filibuster any gun control legislation that may come up.
You see Harry Reid, being the slickster that he is, plans on bringing gun legislation requiring a broader background check. However if he can bring it to a vote, they can add amendments to the bill further restricting gun ownership. So, the three conservatives are saying they do not want even to let the legislation get to a vote. That means another filibuster.
stand with rand
I personally am THRILLED to see some conservatives not bowing down and sticking with the status quo. While the liberals will of course call out that it is obstructionist, and preventing congress from passing any laws, I see it as defending our 2nd amendment rights.  I think it is awesome that the filibuster is being used to preserve our rights. The liberals are sneaky. You have to nip their legislation in the bud. That’s exactly what it appears Rand Paul and company are doing. I may not agree with Rand Paul on every issue. However on this one? I stand with Rand!!

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