Wednesday, March 27

The Whitehouse and Hillary caught in another lie

Last month, the White House flatly denied involvement in arming the Syrian rebels, going so far as to say the Obama administration rejected a plan by former Secretary of State Clinton and then-CIA Director Petraeus to help arm the rebels. Furthermore during the Benghazi hearings, Hillary Clinton said, that she did not know of any shipments of arms to Turkey, or Syria.  It went a little like this:
Rand Paul asked Mrs. Clinton if she was aware of any shipments of weapons to Turkey. She responded very clearly that she was not aware of any weapons being sent to Turkey.  When pressed further, with evidence that weapons were being shipped to Turkey specifically, she said, ” I do not know”. 
However two days ago the New York Times  broke the story of the CIA assisting in arms shipments to Turkey. Turns out that this has been going on since EARLY 2012. Our country has been assisting on a small scale with sending arms to Turkey to aid Syria.
“A conservative estimate of the payload of these flights would be 3,500 tons of military equipment,” said Hugh Griffiths, of the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, who monitors illicit arms transfers.
“The intensity and frequency of these flights,” he added, are “suggestive of a well-planned and coordinated clandestine military logistics operation.”
What does this tell us? More lies and obfuscation from the Obama Administration. They FLAT OUT DENIED that there was such a thing going on. They flat out denied just last month any involvment by the U.S. in arming Syria.  State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland denied that Washington was playing any role in arming the rebels.
“With regard to any assertions with regard to lethal (aid), we are not involved in that,” she said at her daily briefing.
Now it appears not only was that a lie, but the MSM has been keeping us in the dark. Apparently it is common knowledge all over the world. The New York Times interviewed multiple sources, and it seems most were aware of shipments from the U.S. to covertly aid Syria. “The outside countries give us weapons and bullets little by little,” said Abdel Rahman Ayachi, a commander in Soquor al-Sham, an Islamist fighting group in northern Syria. A former American Official has stated that the Whitehouse was regularly briefed about the shipment and progress of sending the arms to Turkey.
“These countries were going to do it one way or another,” the former official said. “They weren't asking for a ‘Mother, may I?’ from us. But if we could help them in certain ways, they’d appreciate that.”
The White House continues to lie to the American people. When is it going to stop? It wont. As long as they can get away with outright lies and snowing the American people, they will continue to do so. Just think about it. Mrs. Clinton claims no knowledge of something that has been international common knowledge for over a year now. Rebel leaders knew it, officials in Turkey knew it. Even Iran knows it. We have been sending weapons, and assistance to Turkey to aid Syria. Not only that, but our presidents administration, and Mrs. Clinton have been lying and lying about it. To say you didn’t know about an operation that has been going on for a year, and you have received regular updates on, is either incredibly dishonest or incredibly incompetent. The Obama Administration is fast becoming the most secretive and scandalous administration ever.

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