Thursday, March 7

Rand Paul: Doing things the right way

This article is re-posted from The Victory For Liberty Center.

Rand Paul's legendary 13 hour standoff with the enemies of liberty is a healthy indicator that there are still some statesmen willing to fight for liberty.  Wednesday's filibuster has sent shockwaves through the American political mind. This brilliantly executed filibuster was an historic event.

Very rarely do we see a strong response against attacks on Liberty.  Senator Paul not only attacked the policies of a Democrat regime, but also called into question policies that some Republicans support.  And sure enough, the "ruling class" GOP party elites were perturbed.  Senator McCain, the failed presidential candidate, expressed displeasure with Senator Paul.  McCain, like other party elites, focuses his attention on the collegiate aspects of the Senate.  He concerns himself with an attempt to cooperate with Democrats, as if they share the same end goals as lovers of liberty.  McCain, along with other Republicans, are more concerned with "working with Democrats" than actually preserving liberty.  If they were focused on liberty, they would be opposing the regime at every turn!

Many politicians live a delusion, in which the members of the opposing party are somehow "good people," and that every party represents the best interests of the United States.  However, this is not the case at all.  The American political scene is marred by division.  This division is not superficial, and does not consist merely of differing opinions.  The real difference is in the department of ideology.  We are engaged in a battle for the soul of America, and Rand Paul has fought valiantly. 

In the past, filibusters have been filled with readings of the yellow pages, and other time wasting activities.  Senator Paul decided to use the opportunity to stage an epic rant that will resound through the ages.  The drone issue, which is at the heart of the filibuster, is exposing the totalitarian tendencies of the Left.  This issue is anathema to Republicans, save the Neoconservatives, yet Republicans seem to have a hard time articulated their disagreement.

The most important lesson from Senator Paul's filibuster, is his conduct.  He stood up for freedom, and wasn't afraid to ruffle feathers...even those of aged turkeys in his own party.

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