Thursday, March 28

Video: Democrats Before They "Evolved" Their Definition of Marriage

In light of the two cases about marriage now before the Supreme Court, here's what some prominent Democrats said in defense of traditional marriage:

What does this prove? Considering that all three of these democrats now support same sex marriage, they have sold out their principles to jump on the bandwagon of political expediency. These liberals certainly have not "evolved" in the idea of marriage. They've devolved. Theirs is the conscious decision to throw out the institution of marriage in order to win votes. Theirs are the failed policies that have led to rampant divorce, cruel abandonment of children by parents, and the disintegration of the family. These are they who call darkness light and light darkness under the disguise of "dignity" and "equality." These are they who abandon "fundamental principles" in order to gain power.

And now we're supposed to trust them when they suddenly support same sex marriage?

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