Wednesday, March 20

Why the Left is Terrified of Ben Carson.

 Ben Carson has the democrats running scared. Sure he has very little political experience, but that didn’t bother them with Obama.  Ben Carson is smart articulate, kind, and above reproach. He saves children’s lives. That is his job. He actually knows about health care from the inside . People are kind of forced to respect him. Also, and though many will try to call me a racist. He is black. The liberals fear him, because if conservatives backed an articulate brilliant, black doctor for some political office, they would have nothing to slam him for.  He is affable, quick, smiles easily, great with kids, and a warm likable person.
Ben Carson

They wouldn’t be able to trash his Down’s Syndrome baby the way they did with Sarah Palin. Make jokes about how old he is, like they did with John McCain, who last I checked was still alive and hurling insults. They wouldn’t be able to pretend he is stupid. After all, liberals soooo respect anyone who went to college. Well, unless you are one of the Romney’s, then it doesn’t matter, you are just stupid no matter what.  They couldn’t attack his intelligence because clearly the man has BLAZING intelligence that far surpasses your average Joe in politics.  They can’t attack his “wealthy privileged upbringing”, because well, he didn’t have one.
Ben Carson was born in Detroit Michigan, to an under-educated mother who pushed him to succeed.  His mom dropped out of school in third grade. His parents divorced.  He grew up in the inner city. He worked hard and became the director of pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins at the age of 33. That is a huge achievement.  He is one of the leading surgeons capable of separating conjoined twins. He is an author, a father, a husband, and has been awarded over 50 honorary doctorate degrees. He is also a cancer survivor.
Ben Carson graduation
This man  is everything that threatens liberals. He is incredibly accomplished, and grew up in poverty yet through hard work and dedication and discipline made himself one of the  premiere surgeons in the world. He dares to be an unapologetically intelligent Christian, an which atheists like to pretend doesn't exist.   He is also something else that terrifies them….. A brilliant conservative.
This is unforgivable in the liberal playbook. They are so sure that all conservatives are poor, white, uneducated , “trailer trash”. Then along comes Ben Carson, who throws a wrench in that belief. They will find a way to attack him. Rest assured, they will find something to attack.  That is the way it works.  They wont be able to go head to head with a man of obvious brilliance so they will find something else. They can’t attack him being rich, or dumb, or old, or uneducated, or poorly read. What will they come up with? Who knows.   Ben Carson is such a threat that they dread him gaining any kind of steam in politics.  He very eloquently broke down why Obamacare wouldn't work. He electrified people at CPAC discussing the government overreach, and the war on Christianity.
The biggest reason that liberals fear him though is really simple.   They know that they have no answer to Ben Carson.


Marianne Lordi said...

I highly respect Dr. Carson! What an inspiration. He is truly a man who knows no guile!

Elena McCall said...

Thanks. I agree he is an inspiration. A true American Excellence story.

lynnD said...

What a perfect essay on Dr. Carson.
I hope the author sends it to him to enjoy.
Who doesn't wish this man were their friend? If liberals are afraid of Dr. Carson, and Sarah Palin for that matter, and, of course, they are afraid, it is because both are something they will probably never achieve. Christian, honorable people who will never have to lie or exaggerate or fib in order to stand by their beliefs.

Elena McCall said...

Thank you very much. I appreciate your compliment. I might just send it to him. :)

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