Wednesday, April 24

Bush Was Right - Too Bad We're Just Realizing It Now!

I've stated many times that history will look favorably on George Bush’s Presidency, despite his flaws (and there were many). With that said, it comes as no surprise that his approval ratings have increased over time.

Today his approval rating stands equal to that of our current president at 47%. A huge feat considering the blame (fair and unfair) leveled upon his administration for the 2008 financial crash, the Iraq war, and the handling of Hurricane Katrina, to name a few.

Why the increase? Is it simply the well-documented trend that time out of office and out of the public eye serves to bolster one’s popularity? Or is something else at work?

I think the latter.

It’s certainly hard to picture President Bush as out of the public eye. According to our friends on the left, He’s to blame for everything that ails the country. He was, after all, the cause of the “greatest recession since the great depression.” An accusation we’re reminded of almost weekly in some form or fashion.

No, something else is at work. Something beyond Bush’s handling of Hurricane Katrina which was recently equaled by President Obama’s handling of Hurricane Sandy.

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