Wednesday, April 24

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Niece Alveda makes shocking allegations that Kermit Gosnell's clinic is not an anomaly but the Norm

Alveda King is the niece of the late Martin Luther King Jr. She used to be pro-choice, but through learning and faith, she says the scales fell from her eyes, and she learned the truth. The horrible terrifying truth. Simply put: Abortion is the murder of babies. Since then Alveda King has been on a mission. She is now the Director of African-American Outreach for Priests for Life. She speaks out against the injustice of abortion and she is not being silent about the atrocities committed by Kermit Gosnell, the abortion “doctor” who brutally performed third trimester abortions, and snipped the spines of babies born alive.
She is furious with the legal system that is failing the unborn. A judge in the Kermit Gosnell case just dropped some of the murder charges with no explanation. Ms. King is outspoken about it.  She has this to say:
“The prosecution has demonstrated that there was always consciously a disregard for the women and the babies,” King said. “The prosecution has shown that there are at least seven babies who died as a result.“I believe there were many more who were injured, harmed, and killed by Dr. Gosnell and his staff’s conscious disregard of all the women and those babies.”
She also believes strongly that Kermit Gosnell is not the exception and his clinic not an anomaly, but the norm.
“So much evidence is being given, and across America right now, there are abortion facilities that are killing babies, hurting women, sometimes killing women,” King said. “They are being under-regulated and unregulated. A blind eye is being turned to the harm they’re doing.”

Well I say BRAVO Ms. King. She is giving voice to what many of us have known for years. The abortion industry is a sick, dirty, unhealthy place for women and children. They aren’t carefully regulated by the health department or the medical board. Everyone is so afraid of the pro-choice people getting on them, that they turn a blind eye to the atrocities going on. It is terribly unfashionable to challenge planned parenthood or any pro-abortion group. They ridicule you in the media and start political campaigns against you. So no one challenges the sanitation or cleanliness.
The testimony coming out of the Gosnell Case makes you sick. They speak of an abortion “assembly line” type of place. Women in women out. No proper sanitation. They speak of Mr. Gosnell twisting the heads off the babies. Joking about a headless corpse, calling it a chicken with its head off. Babies flailing in the toilet. The cruelty is unimaginable. It simply boggles the mind. How could something like that be happening and no one know? Well the answer is simple. No one looks at these places.
Some states have been frank with their lack of attention to the matter. For example, Illinois abortion clinics haven’t been inspected in 15 years.  There are investigations going on in  Alabama, New Mexico, Minnesota, Maryland, Colorado and Florida. Many wonder how this could happen? Its simple really. The department of health does not regulate abortion mills. To make matters even worse, Planned Parenthood is in charge of doing its OWN inspections and investigations. The only time the clinics are disturbed by outside investigators is when something goes horribly wrong or a complaint is filed.
The atrocities continue in this country. It is horrific. So many bleeding hearts worry about Darfur, and those poor people in the middle east who are suffering. Meanwhile we ignore routine infanticide, and the murder of children to the tune of  over 1 million killed per year. That number is staggering. Planned parenthood alone does more than 300,000 per year, all while claiming they are “preventing pregnancy”?  Come on, this is disgusting.
MLK once said,” There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

I will be silent no more.

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