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This is a copy of yesterday's issue of my blog, The Real Times. Enjoy!

April 23, 2013

Dear Thinkers,

Have you ever waited in line at the DMV? Doesn't it make you mad? 
Have you ever waited in line at the post office? 

These are examples of departments that are state run and judging by the way you feel when you leave the DMV, they obviously don't run things too well. Personally, whenever I have to go down to the DMV, I feel like I am marching off to battle. Not only is the service awful, but I get the worst attitudes from the employees and always end up having to come back more than once. Like the Spartans once said, "Come back with your Shield or on it!" Now days it's—You're going where?Well, Good luck with that!

So why does something as important as the Department of Motor Vehicles get away with such poor service? It's because we enable them! We accept the fact that there will be a long line when we go to the DMV. And we complain about it, but we don't actually do anything. Instead, we just expect that the next time will be just as bad and sure enough it is!

Think of it this way. Your taxes pay for the DMV and its employees. So when they tell you to take a number because they're on a lunch break and you get a serious attitude from the person at the desk, you are actually paying them to treat you like crap. Talk about ENABLING, you might as well say, "Thank you sir may I have another!" 

Your money goes straight to their pensions and then they get raises and get rewarded for that colossal three hour line that wraps around the building each day. Something has got to be wrong with that don't you think? Yet, we don't get it. We say "hey, I bet it would be awesome if I had to wait in a line like that to see a doctor." You know what, it might even make the hospital seem like Disneyland....until you're....actually....dying....of course. Public healthcare is the next post office looming on the horizon and unless we get serious about taking a stand, we're going to have one more communistic attribute. I'm sure we will all understand when it takes two weeks to get into the Emergency Room. Then it will be Real. 

Keep it Real America


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