Monday, April 8

Filibuster Planned to Fight Harry Reid's Tyranny

Harry Reid is planning to bring the most comprehensive gun control bill to the floor since the 90′s.  Some of the strict measures to be implemented are incredibly restrictive of our second amendment rights.  Included in the new bill? Prepare to feel “Big Brother” closing in on your rights.
Gun Tax: Section 122 of the bill authorizes the Attorney General (the same man who was involved in the worst gun smuggling scandal ever) to levy a tax on those private sales in order to pay for the expanded background checks.
Criminalizing Gun Owners:  Section 123 of the bill requires all gun owners to report lost firearms to the Attorney General within 24 hours.  Failure to report a loss or theft would be deemed a felony punishable with up to 5 years in prison.
National Gun Registry: At present, federal law only requires those who buy guns from a licensed dealer to submit to a background check under the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS).  The NICS law was designed to protect against any attempt to record information and create a registry on guns and gun owners.  It merely requires sellers to check whether that individual is listed as someone ineligible to own a firearm.  Title 1 (Section 122) of the Reid bill extends the requirement for a background check to any private gun sale.
Veterans Gun Ban:  There’s a provision in the bill which could punish anyone who sells a gun to a veteran without realizing he has PTSD.
Can you imagine? They want to keep Veterans from owning guns, by criminalizing the SELLER if they don’t make a medical diagnosis of PTSD. If I were selling, I would never sell to veterans at all, for fear they might have PTSD and I just wasn’t licensed to determine such a thing.  How ridiculous. The federal government wants us to make a medical diagnosis, and if we get it wrong, we will be punished. Why would they impose such a restriction on veterans? Whats next? Rape victims…. Oh wait…. Colorado and Joe Salazar comes to mind.

Those are just some of the restrictions that our federal government is trying to place on our rights . However some good conservatives are planning a filibuster of the bill. There are some who are willing to stand up for our rights even when the others have backed down. They wont allow emotional rhetoric, and fear mongering destroy our rights as Americans. Here is a list of who has committed to the filibuster so far:

Rand Paul
Johnson of Wisconsin
We need commitments from others. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of the leftists encroaching on our rights more and more every day, and the GOP just falling back and allowing it to happen. We need strong charismatic leaders who will fight back. I support the above senators in their fight to keep the government from taking more of our freedoms. What do you suppose the point of the government taking our guns? They want to make us weaker. During this critical time, they are trying to restrict our rights to have guns meanwhile the government buy of ammunition and continues. Doesn’t this make anyone a little nervous?
gun control--say no to gun control
Consider this: 1.6 Billion rounds of ammunition is being purchased by the department of homeland security. Why do you suppose they would need that much ammunition in the meantime restricting our purchases of the same? A disarmed public is a weak public. This is how it starts. They take away rights one at a time, in the name of “public safety”. We all know this is a crock of crap, because despite there being more guns owned in the US than 20 years ago, the violent crime rate has plummeted. You are highly unlikely to be killed by a law abiding citizen with a gun license. Why can not the “intelligent” liberals who always seem to know whats best for us, not grasp such a simple concept.  CRIMINALS DON”T OBEY THE LAW!!!   
If you make laws that disarm society the only ones left with the guns will be…. you guessed it, the criminals. Why would the government want to handicap its citizens in the name of “public safety”? Why do these hoplophobic gun nuts think that this is a reasonable answer to the problem? The truth is, we are safer now than ever, yet they use tragedies like Sandy Hook to play emotional manipulation games with the media and a hyper emotional society. Let logic and common sense rule for once.
Contact your states senators and demand that they filibuster Harry Reid’s infringement on our rights.  Let them know that you the voter will be considering their position on gun control as one of the things that determine whether or not they get re-elected. Stand with the senators who have committed to filibuster the proposed act of tyranny.
Keep in mind this is an uphill battle. Some senators are ridiculing the filibuster. For example, John McCain, is ridiculing conservatives for doing this, and Tom Coburn questions Rand Paul’s “sincerity”.  Pat Toomey is looking to sell us out with a “compromise”.  I cannot stress how important it is to NOT compromise on this. It is one of our RIGHTS, that is specifically spelled out in the constitution. We cannot allow even the slightest infringement. This is how it all starts. Tell Mitch McConnell to lead the filibuster, let  Tom Coburn, John McCain, and Pat Toomey and company know that we will not stand for this.

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