Tuesday, April 2

Gun Control gone mad: Pregnant mom arrested in NY after trying to check her UNLOADED gun....

This is why I hate NY. Most restrictive and convoluted laws nearly anywhere. They have thrown common sense out the window and replaced it with red tape. The latest rubbish coming out of the anti-gun state, makes no sense.
Beth Arneson Ferrizzi legally checked her gun in her departure city, Fargo, North Dakota on a Delta Flight to La Guardia.  She called Delta to find out how to do this legally. They told her the firearm had to be unloaded, stored in a hard sided and locked case. They told her the ammunition had to be stored separated. Not Separate from the gun, but separated, either in their original packaging or in a container that keeps the bullets from touching each other.  She made sure it was exactly as Delta said.

Beth Ferrirzzi (Image: WDAY video screenshot)
Beth Ferrirzzi (Image: WDAY video screenshot)
When she got to La Guardia, se went to the Delta Counter and declared that she had an unloaded firearm in a locked case she wanted to check.  The Delta agent immediately called the Port Authority Police.  The pregnant mom was arrested on a felony charge and she was handcuffed and arrested and loaded into a police car and taken to jail. Mrs. Ferrizzi's daughter was taken in a separate unmarked car.

Mr. Ferrizzi contacted us personally and wanted to stress that, the police department was very professional, and very nice. She stated that they did a great job and handled the whole thing well.
The 29 year old pregnant mom has been charged with felony criminal possession of a loaded firearm and has a trial date set for the same time as her due date. She faces up to 15 years in jail.  Now, you read that correctly. A “LOADED” firearm. Despite the fact that the gun was unloaded and locked up with the bullets stored in their own container. How could this be? In New York a firearm is considered loaded if the passenger is in possession of both bullets and a gun.
What the heck kind of nonsense is this? You can be charged with a felony for carrying a loaded weapon, even if it isn’t loaded. YEP. That is the state of New York. These and other crazy restrictions could be the reason why people are fleeing New York en masse.
I have a few problems with this scenario. First she asked Delta what the rules were. I think there should be a burden on Delta to be aware or have access to information that will let their customers know their rules in any state they are flying to. She did follow the advice of Delta and was subsequently arrested. Now, Delta does have on their website a little disclaimer that says you have to be aware of the laws of the state you are flying into. I get that. However, when you have a customer on the phone, and is asking what your rules are, and lets you know where she is flying to, I think a little heads up would be in order.
gun control1
Next,  what is NY thinking? Talk about an idiot law. A gun is considered loaded even if it is unloaded. They are making it nearly impossible to safely exercise our second amendment right to carry firearms. What the heck good is a weapon going to be if you have no bullets for it? Why don’t they just go ahead and do what they really want to do, which is completely disarm NY residents.  This woman clearly did not intend to violate the law. She may have misunderstood instructions from her airline. Police officers have the right to use discretionary judgment. She TOLD them at the counter she had it.  That really demonstrates that she is a dangerous felon, and deserves to be arrested and taken to jail for booking.
I am so sick of the gun phobia that riddles this country. People need to wake up. What are you so afraid of? If a pregnant woman checking an unloaded firearm in a locked case, with her 6 year old in tow scares you and makes you think jail time, then you are a coward.  Drop the charges New York, try to redeem yourself. I doubt it will happen, common sense is obviously sadly lacking.


Trey Smith said...

Boycott New York!

Sherman Kearns said...

This is the fucktard state I am ashamed to be part of it.

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