Monday, April 1

How is Caroline “You know” Kennedy qualified to be an ambassador?

OK seriously, I saw today that Caroline Kennedy has been asked to be an Ambassador and is currently being vetted as such. What on earth qualifies her for this position? The fact that her last name is Kennedy? Or is it the fact that she has hidden away, and refuses to be in the public eye? (Always a good trait for an ambassador.) Is it because she turned down a chance to run for Senator?  My goodness she can’t even give a decent speech without calling on the Ghost of JFK. Who could forget,  “like my father’s election in 1960, this is one of those elections where the future of our country is at stake.”  My goodness that phrase in and of itself is cringe worthy. Honestly to compare Obama’s election to that of JFK is ludicrous and doesn’t even merit comparison.
Seriously the woman is virtually brain dead. Has anyone heard her speak? She sounds like a  ” Oh My God” Valley girl. No joke. She did a half hour interview and said, “you know” more than 200 times in half an hour. Do the math. 6 times a minute. That’s insane.
“In many ways, you know, we want to have all kinds of different voices, you know, representing us, and I think what I bring to it is, you know, my experience as a mother, as a woman, as a lawyer, you know.”  This was a response to a question about being a good senator.
Question about tax cuts:  “Well, you know, that’s something, obviously, that, you know, in principle and in the campaign, you know, I think that, um, the tax cuts, you know …”   It is so bad, that it has earned her the nickname among the press as Caroline You Know Kennedy.
Caroline Kennedy
Er, Um, you know,um, DUHHHHHH. I can just imagine her at state functions or trying to make diplomatic overtures or sooth hurt feelings. Um, you know, we are um, really sorry, and like, we really hope, you know, that we can um, be friends you know.
Even her face has a blank type look on it. She has NOTHING of the charm and Charisma of Jackie, or the ease and smile of JFK. She is the quiet, restrained, one. Now we know why. There is nothing going on upstairs.  Honestly, George Bush was called an idiot and worse, but Caroline Kennedy gets a pass? Well, I know why. She has the lofty Kennedy name and has actually managed to stay alive without killing anyone, or raping anyone, or dying. That makes her IRON KENNEDY.
Ah well, I suppose her extensive experience shopping, and choosing designer clothing, and spending money, makes her a perfect choice for the current administration.

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