Tuesday, April 30

I'm Going To Grab Your Baby...Don't Resist

Police Take California Couples Five Month Old Baby After They Seek Second Medical Opinion

Anna and Alex Nikolayev, pictured here with their 5 month old baby, Sammy, had their child snatched away by police in California after stating that they wanted a second medical opinion. The couple who are from Russia, took Sammy, who suffers from a heart murmur to Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento when he started exhibiting flu-like symptoms.

A nurse came in to give the baby some medicine and when Anna asked what they were giving him, the nurse stated she didn't know. Anna then refused to let her child have the medicine. Good thing, too. It was an antibiotic that the child wasn't supposed to have.

After the doctors started discussing heart surgery, the Nikolayevs decided they wanted a second opinion. They weren’t opposed to the procedure, but they wanted a different doctor.
The doctors at Sutter Memorial argued against consulting other health experts, pressuring her to stay put. Anna remained firm. She took her baby from the hospital without a proper discharge, and went straight to Kaiser Permanente Hospital.
Doctors at Kaiser Permanente Hospital said the baby was safe to go home with his parents, one writing in the paperwork: “I do not have concern for the safety of the child at home with his parents.”
But while they were at the hospital, police showed up.
“They told us that Sutter was telling them so much bad stuff that they thought that this baby is dying on our arms,” Anna recalled. But when police saw the doctor’s evaluation, Anna says they said, “Okay guys, you have a good day,” and left.
But it wasn't over for this family.
The next day police showed up at the Nikolayev’s home with representatives from Child Protective Services (CPS). Alex went outside to meet them, where he says he was “pushed against the building.” When he asked if he was being placed under arrest, he said they “smacked me down onto the ground and yelled out, ‘I think I got the keys to the house.’”
Seeing the scene outside, Anna set up a camera in front of her door.
Video shows police letting themselves in without a warrant, and taking the baby.
“I’m going to grab your baby, and don’t resist, and don’t fight me okay?” one officer can be heard telling the mother in the video.
Anna described it with tears in her eyes: “He’s like, ‘okay let your son go,’ so I had to let him go, and he grabbed my arm, so I couldn’t take Sammy. And they took Sammy, and they just walked away.”

Anna says she was told by a CPS worker that her baby was taken because of “severe neglect.”

Neglect? They went from one hospital to another, trying to get proper care for their child. Why doesn't CPS ever go after the drug users and real child abusers? They always seem to leave those children with their delinquent parents yet they remove children from parents who actually love their child.

“It seems like parents have no rights whatsoever,” Alex said. Originally from Russia, he said the situation reminds him of a “communist regime.”

A communist regime...Let that sink in. This is America and yet, it just isn't anymore. What will happen when they come to your door for your child? After all, according to Melissa Harris-Perry, children belong to the collective, not you. It is only a matter of time unless we all take a stand and make the madness stop. God helps those who help themselves. It's time we start helping ourselves.

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nativam said...

Here the scum police and CPS workers showed us their bad parenting skills.

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