Wednesday, April 17

“Losing our Marathon” – John 3:16

For reasons that will become obvious, I had to stop reading for a few minutes after just these first three paragraphs of the article below.

Losing our Marathon by Gerry Callahan – sports columnist for the Boston Herald and radio talk show host of the Dennis and Callahan show.  Twitter -> @GerryCallahan 

On the radio yesterday morning, I gave my advice to anyone attending the Boston Marathon: Go to the finish line late in the day, I said. Show up long after the world-class runners have crossed the line, picked up their prize money, headed to the airport and flown off to the next big race on the schedule. Then you’ll see the real champions, the true heart and soul of the Boston Marathon.

By the time the real winners cross, the finish-line tape has been ripped down and the street covered with litter. Oh, but what a scene. You wait until 3 or 4 in the afternoon, and you’ll see the grandmother staggering across the finish line as her shrieking grandkids surround her. You’ll see wounded veterans, you’ll see friends or couples finishing arm in arm, you’ll see people literally crawl across the line and collapse on that one glorious painted patch of Boylston Street.

You go to the finish line late on Patriots Day afternoon, and you’ll see the human spirit in all its glory — sweaty, bloody, delirious and genuinely triumphant. You want to see the best of the Boston Marathon? Take my advice and show up late. 

continued – HERE

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