Wednesday, April 3

Man who raped a 6 month old to death, now wants mercy

A Ohio man who raped a six month old baby, killing her in the process is now asking for mercy.  Steven Smith, was sentenced to death after he admitted raping a 6 month old baby to death.  The little girl, Autumn Carter died after Steven Smith, who was very intoxicated failed to realize that his sexual violation of the poor child was actually killing her.  Smith Claims that he was too drunk to intend to kill her. Ohio law states that intent must be demonstrated in order to receive the death penalty. Now his lawyers are claiming that, that loophole will keep him from being executed.  However even though he was never charged with rape, for some unknown reason, it was included in the initial indictment. Ohio law states clearly if a person is killed in the commission of a crime, the death penalty can be applied. It seems Mr. Smith’s lawyers, need to read up on Ohio law. That is only one of the reasons he was charged with a capital offense.  The prosecutor in the case dismisses his lawyers claim that the killing was an accident saying: “The horrific attack upon Autumn Carter showed much more than Smith’s stated purpose. ” The prosecutor says that the defenseless baby had injuries that were consistent with intentional murder and claims it was a revenge killing because the little girl’s mother refused him sex the night before.
Smith claims that his intoxication prevented him from forming intent, and he was indeed quite intoxicated. 8 hours had elapsed since the 911 call and Mr. Smith’s blood alcohol level was still, 0.123 which does indicate he was drunk.  However being drunken doesn’t excuse you from murder charges. Prosecutors presented evidence at trial which indicated that Mr. Smith’s attack on the innocent child lasted up to 30 minutes during which time, he beat the baby to death while raping her.  However, Mr. Smith’s “expert” witnesses say that he “MAY” have suffocated her accidentally within the first 3-5 minutes of the attack.
I think Mr. Smith will have a very hard time getting clemency for this crime. The moral repugnancy of the crime will cause outrage and disgust. While personal feelings are not supposed to be considered in a clemency hearing the image of a 6 month old baby being literally raped to death will not be far from mind.
For me personally this brings up a hard choice. I do not support the death penalty, as I believe all life is sacred. I am pro-life from conception to grave. However, the reprehensible nature, and brutality of this crime, makes the call for punishment run hot in my brain. It is because of specifics like this, that the death penalty is a struggle for me. I know without a doubt if I was that child’s mother, I would have killed him where he stood. Right, or wrong that is what would happen. I cannot think that person like Mr. Smith’s life has any intrinsic value. This was a hard story for me to even write. The details of the case were gruesome in the extreme. I want so much to see this scumbag die. In fact, I think the phenobarbital that they use to put people to death is far too kind for this evil creature.
death penalty
As for Mr. Smith. All I can say, is May God Have Mercy on Your Soul, because I doubt the state of Ohio will.


Rick Lakehomer said...

Death taking at least 30 minutes is in order with this stain on humanity. I am beside myself with anger, disgust and pure hatred just roiling under the surface for this vile, repugnant 'person.' A slow, lingering, painful death is what should be ordered up. Justice should swift as far as the trial and sentencing goes as if this POS deserves much of a trial.

I can understand why you found ti so tough to write up this post and I thank you for doing so as this story MUST be told and covered.

Elena McCall said...

I agree. The story must be told. I was heartbroken when I read it and sickened by such disgust. I try to avoid things like that, but when I read it I knew it had to be told. This man must NOT get clemency.

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