Thursday, April 18

MSNBC threatens retribution over gun control defeat

MSNBC finally jumps the shark so to speak and gives up all pretense of being a “fair and balanced” show. Instead they publicly “shame” those who voted against the gun control bill and throw a lengthy, temper tantrum, promising retribution in 2014.  They literally put up unflattering images of all the people who voted against, calling them the “54 faces of cowardice”.  Never mind that the senators were doing what their constituents wanted. Never mind that support for gun control had plummeted. No, MSNBC, publicly revealing whose side they were on, literally spent nearly a full hour lambasting the “cowards” who voted against gun control. In the meantime they completely ignored the tragedy in Texas where hundreds were injured in an explosion.  No, MSNBC felt it was more important to spend nearly a whole hour on an intelligently” worded hissy fit. They claim that the senate voted “against common sense”.

Courtesy of The Blaze
Courtesy of The Blaze
Joe Scarborough grimly promised retribution for the democrats and republicans who voted no in 2014.  Co-host Mika Brzezinski talked about the “stinging loss for the president…and might I add to the script, the country.”  Ignoring Boston Marathon coverage, and the Texas tragedy, instead they chose to blast the senate for refusing to march in lockstep with President Obama’s all out assault on the first amendment.  It seems that MSNBC could not accept the fact that once emotion fueled pressure for gun control based on the tragedy at Sandy Hook, cooler heads prevailed. The support for these restrictive measures began to fade, and the senators who promised big things, had to face an irate public, if they voted in favor.  In fact support for the gun control legislation had fallen to under 50% in almost every poll, which left me wondering: Where did Obama get his 90% number?
Well, here is my message to you MSNBC and President Obama. The Public is not fooled by this. We have seen what was coming and we fought back. With the aid of the NRA and local outrage we contacted our Senators, and we told them exactly what we thought about it. The only thing we found shocking was that as many voted for it actually did. The public does not support MSNBC’s emotional manipulation, in order to force gun control upon law-abiding citizens. We recognize the crying Sandy Hook parents for what they are. Grieving parents, looking for answers, and wanting to blame someone. I would be so traumatized I don’t think I would’ve even been able to speak. I do not blame the parents. They lost their children. NO, instead I blame you, the liberal media who used those poor grieving parents as fodder to fuel the flames of the gun control push. Who could argue with crying parents who lost their children. It was the most disgusting use of a tragedy I have seen in a long time. The public came to their senses.  Deal with it.
No one with common sense doubted where MSNBC stood, but they have officially tipped their hand. Anyone who watches MSNBC can no longer claim it is a fair or balanced news source. No wonder their ratings are in the tank.

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Michael Palmer said...

Just a note - It is the SECOND Amendment, not the First Amendment. I agree with the article otherwise, but got the wrong Constitutional Amendment. #1 covers freedom of speech, #2 covers right to bear arms.

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