Friday, April 26

Puerto Rican Teen Refuses To Pledge Allegiance To The American Flag

This makes me so mad. Enidris Siurano Rodriguez, a sophomore at Damascus High School in Montgomery County in Maryland, has protested U.S. policy on Puerto Rico since she was in seventh grade by silently sitting during the daily Pledge of Allegiance.

"I do not agree with the way the United States treats Puerto Rico... I think Puerto Rico has an undemocratic situation, I dislike the idea that a government so far from the island tells us what we can and cannot do,” she told the leading Puerto Rican daily newspaper, El Nuevo Día.
Well, Enidris, let me tell you something. THIS is AMERICA! Got it? If you live here and go to school here then you damn sure better pledge your allegiance to OUR flag. This is not Puerto Rico. This is not some stupid democracy. WE ARE A REPUBLIC. It is OUR Constitution that gives Americans the right to their own stupidity. YOU are an American citizen and therefore should ACT LIKE ONE.

“The right to free speech also includes the right not to speak. Too often this is forgotten #SolidarioConEnidris,” Puerto Rican sensation Ricky Martin tweeted recently.
Oh Ricky, how long forgotten you are. You've been "livin' la vida nobody. Stick to that, hmmm? America gave you your fame, short lived as it was, so I suggest you take your own advice and not speak at all.

Why did your parents come here Enidris? For a better life? For the chance for you to have a better education? Can't get it in your own damn country can you? Try being grateful. America is the ONLY place where YOU have the right to be a total ass. Try that crap in your precious Puerto Rico and see how far that gets you. No ACLU to come to your "rescue" there.

Grow up, Enidris, and stop bashing MY COUNTRY!

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