Tuesday, April 16

Tingles the MSNBC Clown

Chris Matthews Partisan Proclamation: Domestic Terrorists...Tend to Be on the Far Right Why is this idiot even opening his mouth? He never has anything good to say. He only spreads hate and discension. Who knows? Maybe he got a tingle up his leg at the thought of being able to blame the tea party for yesterday's Boston Marathon bombing. He said, “Let me ask you about domestic terrorism as a category. Normally, domestic terrorists, people tend to be on the far right, well that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group or do they just hate America so much or its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage, they don’t care if they get public credit, if you will?”

Are you serious, Tingles? I wasn't aware that Hassan, the crazy jihad Ft. Hood shooter was far right. In fact, even the shooters in recent history have all been far left extremists. Get your facts straight. I understand that you aren't intelligent enough to actually get any news on your own, but at least hire someone who is. That way you won't look like such an idiot. You are not fit to even be called an American. You stand for everything that America isn't.

I heard that they have arrested a Saudi National in connection with this terroristic act. I wasn't aware that Saudi Nationals were far right either. You should apologize, Tingles. Not only to the American people for jumping the gun to blame a Patriotic people for terror, but for also working as hard as your little mind will allow to divide the people of this Great Nation. This is MY America and you and those like you are trying to destroy it. IT WON"T HAPPEN! Got it, Tingles? Patriots will not sit idly by and allow you turds to destroy everything our founding fathers worked so hard to build and what so many soldiers gave their life to defend.

If you don't like it, Tingles...then leave. No one will miss you.

1 comment:

Brad said...

Tingles should be put on trial for treason, convicted and then hang by rope until death.... If possible revived and re-hung. Then revived and shot.

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