Tuesday, April 9

War on Christianity: One Colorado Sheriff makes shocking allegations about Christian Profiling by the Department of Homeland Security

A shocking email by Prowers county under-sheriff Ron Trowbridge  alleges that part of Colorado state police training encourages Profiling of fundamentalist Christians.  Mr. Trowbridge has confirmed that he is the author of this email, and says he was shocked by what he witnessed as part of the State Police training in Colorado.
Here are the first two paragraphs of the email.
Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge. Photo credit Prowers county Colorado
Undersheriff Ron Trowbridge. Photo credit Prowers county Colorado
On April 1, 2013 I attended training in La Junta, Colorado hosted by the Colorado State Patrol (CSP).  The training was from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm and covered two topics, Sovereign Citizens, and Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.  I was pretty familiar with motorcycle gangs but since we often deal with the so-called sovereign citizen groups I was interested to see what they had to say.  The group consisted of police officers, deputies, and CSP troopers.  There were about 20 people in attendance.
Trooper Joe Kluczynski taught a 2-hour section on sovereign citizens.  Kluczynski spent most of his two hours focusing on how, in his view and apparently the view of Homeland Security, people turn to the sovereign citizen movement.  Kluczynski started off by saying there are probably some sovereign citizens in this room and gave a generalized list of those groups that have sovereign citizen views.  Among those groups, Kluczynski had listed, were those who believe America was founded on godly principles, Christians who take the Bible literally, and “fundamentalists”.  Kluczynski did not explain what he meant by “fundamentalists” but from the context it was clear he was referring again to those who took the Bible literally or “too seriously.”
For those of you who don’t know about the “sovereign citizens” group, it is a group of people who believe that they are sovereign from the authority of the United States of America and not bound by the laws of this country. They are considered dangerous and Law enforcement gets special training on how to deal with them. They are considered by the FBI to be dangerous and “domestic terror threats” and to be an anti-government extremist group.
war on christians
Hold on there a second. Groups that were listed as should be viewed as potential members of “sovereign Citizens” were fundamentalists, or people who believed that America was founded on “Godly principals”  So just by virtue of believing that America was founded on Godly principals, you should be considered a potential member of a terror group, and possibly an “anti-government” extremist. That’s right folks the war on Christianity continues in a big way.
How on earth does it compute that a Christian, is a terrorist, yet Muslim Profiling is considered, “bigotry, or racism?”  This whole idea just infuriates me.  Every group has it’s extremists, yes, I agree. Christians are no exception to that rule.  With that said, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  This is so bigoted its ridiculous.  Weather underground people who committed acts of terror against our country and cost police officers their lives get jobs at Columbia, but we Christians are people to be wary of.
What on earth have Christians done in this country to have earned such a title? Were there a few extremists like David Koresh? Yes. I acknowledge that, however, the VAST majority of Christians are not anti-government or dangerous in any way. Profiling then is wrong. Where the hell is the ACLU on this issue? Shockingly, (lol) silent of course. I expected nothing less.
Watch your back Christians the war on Christianity has painted a target on your back.

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Stephen B. Childress said...

Jesus Christ was totally innocent & was tortured & murdered because Loved & Healed people, even the Romans could see this was bad news to pick on him, but was sold out by the Jewish authority, Christians all over the World to this day are procecuted & beaten because they have a Bible, men in authority with guns & uniforms beat on little old ladies & elderly men & children, they are Cowards of the highest order

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