Wednesday, May 8

Armed March Planned for 4th Of July: Is this really a good idea?

A Libertarian radio host, Adam Kokesh , is planning and organizing a peaceful march where supporters of the second amendment will march on DC while carrying their loaded firearms. The invitation originally characterized the march as an act of “civil disobedience, not a permitted event.” But Kokesh changed that phrasing, saying he had received a large response from would-be participants and is now coordinating with Washington, D.C., law enforcement in an effort to ensure the event remains peaceful and that the demonstrators aren’t harassed. More information is available here.
gun control danger
My initial thoughts on this, was simply put: Bad Idea.  I will explain why. First of all the idea in principle is a good one. Many people walk around carrying firearms all the time and no one gets hurt. Gun violence has gone down steadily since the 1990′s a fact that most on the left want to ignore. Instead they use emotional manipulation and sad testimonies from people who have lost loved ones to guns, ignoring the fact that they are a TINY percentage of the population. This doesn’t negate their grief, and I would never minimize the grief of someone who has lost a loved one in a horrible violent act. However, the facts are the fact. Gun violence is not a huge problem in the U.S. and in fact the states with the strictest gun control laws have the highest rates of homicide, while states that permit people to carry weapons have lower homicide rates. California and Utah are prime examples of this truth.

However, with that said, here is why it is a bad idea. All it would take is for some anti-gun crazy extremists  to fire a couple of shots into the crowd to start an all out street war. Even supposing cooler heads prevailed and NONE of the demonstrators pulled their weapons and returned fire,  instead letting the local authorities handle it, how quick would the liberal media be to blame the shooting incident on a “tea party extremist”? I mean we have already seen their haste to blame the Tea Party for the Boston bombings. So if one crazy anti-gun nut goes rogue and opens fire, the NRA, and Gun-Rights advocates across the country will be blamed for it.  I can’t see this going well. It is an excuse for the loony left to paint us with the broad brush of extremists, that we try to avoid. I don’t want to sound paranoid, but I simply don’t trust the government enough to believe that nothing bad would happen.
don't trust
I am not going to the peaceful demonstration. I fully support the right of people who wish to attend, but I hope and pray that nothing goes wrong.  I believe in the second amendment, and I myself own firearms, and have a license to carry. I just know that if something goes wrong we will be handing the liberals the ticket to gun control on a silver platter. Lets not do that.

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The Conservative Wife said...

I agree completely...Bad Idea. There is a group I follow on Facebook that are planning an armed march on the 4th as well. They are called Prepare To Take America Back. I just don't feel like this will turn out well at all.

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