Sunday, May 5

California Gives Condoms To 12 Year Olds

California is rampant with STDs; syphilis cases zoomed 18% from 2010 to 2011, Chlamydia rose 5% and gonorrhea rose 1.5%. But now, democrats have a solution. They are giving children as young as 12 condoms and doing so on the taxpayers dime and without parental consent. This liberal government is working as hard as they can to remove parents from the picture. Now kids can get free condoms, have as much sex as they like and if the condom fails or they just choose not to use one, then they can get a free abortion.

How about parents tell their kids about STDs? Show them the pictures of what it looks like and how they will have it for life. Maybe even teach them morals and values. Giving them an "easy" way out without involving the parents is not going to fix the problem. They are only encouraging it.

It's like telling little Timmy that it's okay if he does the wrong thing because the State will help him hide what he has done from the mean old parents who might make him own up to his responsibility with extra chores or being grounded or even worse... a spanking.

Kids know these days that they can do whatever they want and there will be no repercussions of their deeds because it will be covered up. Seems this administration is all about cover ups. Well democrats, I only have to say that the American people have a red line and you are standing on it. You are heading down a road that you don't want to be on and we will hold you accountable for your actions. And all the lies you tell won't save you from that accountability. Benghazi will prove that. You lied and Americans died. We do not forget.

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