Sunday, May 5

Dems Running From Obama's Benghazi Cluster #@$@

Breitbart has put out a string of videos with various liberal law makers desperately trying to claw their way out from under the Obama Benghazi bus.

Video At 

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Robert Klein Engler said...


How badly does Hillary want to be president? If she really, really wants the job, then it looks like she's going to have to throw Obama under the bus before he does the same to her. To take people's minds off Hillary and Benghazi, she will have to create a diversion. That diversion may be a new Birther revelation which will prop her up and sink Obama. It's been suggested that the Birther balloon was first floated by Hillary's people in the first place. There's nothing stopping them from now pumping that balloon full of air, again. This time the balloon could carry a bombshell payload.

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