Friday, May 17

Freedom of speech thwarted in New Jersey on April 30th, 2013

An AMERICAN citizen stripped of his CONSTITUTIONAL rights in New Jersey or perhaps New JERKSEY or New JERSEYISTAN? Watch this video and tell me if James Kaleda was out of line or rude?

The passion of Mr. Kaleda is very clear to me. Senator Norcross should have been the one removed.

In my opinion, he was not and what he speaking were words of truth that that gun grabbing progressive liberals hate and have no answer to. All they do is pass laws that are restrictive to law abiding gun owners and reduce the chances of self defense or coming to the defense of others who may be in harms way. You want my guns, come and try to take them. PatriotUSA

From a fine lady patriot over at the Liberty Zone.


This is how they handle dissent in New Jersey

On April 30, 2013, Second Amendment activist James Kaleda was forcibly ejected by armed guards from a hearing in Trenton, NJ. He was making decent points. He wasn’t belligerent or violent. But he was tossed out by armed government agents – and he only got heated when he was interrupted in the middle of his testimony. Deprived of First Amendment rights to petition government for a redress of grievances by armed guards, while being deprived of his Second Amendment rights.

James Kaleda explains that the proposed NJ Gun Bills will not save any lives but will endanger them. He is ejected by Committee Chair Senator Norcross. This took place at the NJ Senate gun control hearings in Trenton on April 30, 2013

Source is here.

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