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Georgia Governor Fights Back Against the War On Christianity.

eorgia Governor, Nathan Deal is fighting back against an atheist named Ed Buckner. Ed discovered a Bible, in the Cabin he rented in Amicalola Falls State Park. The Cabin is owned by the state of Georgia. Mr. Buckner took his son to the state park for his birthday and was upset when he discovered a Bible in the Cabin. He brought it to the attention of the management that oversee’s the lodgings. Mr. Buckner was told by Officials, that the Bible’s would be removed pending an investigation by the state Attorney General.
The state Attorney General, decided that the Bible’s may remain in the lodging because they were not purchased by the state. The Bibles were donated.  The Governor pointed out that anyone can donate literature to the state parks, and any Religion is free to provide material relevant to their faith as well. Since the state did not purchase the Bible’s it cannot be seen as an “endorsement” of Christianity. Naturally Mr. Buckner is not convinced. ”I think government entanglement with religion is a very dangerous thing,” he said in a telephone interview Thursday. “When you go into a state park cabin and the only piece of religious literature there is a Protestant Bible, that suggests the government’s endorsed that particular perspective.”
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This has sparked controversy on social media an caught the attention of the news, with many different people weighing in with opinions. Professor Edward Queen from Emory University doesn’t see it as a legal case. ”The fact that you have an inherently sectarian religious document on state property, that in and of itself presents no real challenge if the state has not purchased it,”
Others have pointed out that in the U.S. we have become numb to the effect of the Bible being in Hotels and resorts, because it has been done so long.  Bill Nigut, Southeast regional director for the Anti-Defamation League, wonders if people would feel the same if they came across a copy of the Hebrew Bible, or the Koran. He says he can understand why an Atheist would be concerned.
I don’t see why an atheist would be concerned. For that matter, I am not sure why any reading material should ever be banned from anywhere. If people don’t want to read it don’t pick it up. It’s that simple. If I went into a hotel and found a copy of the Satanic Bible in the drawer, I wouldn't care. I just simply wouldn't read it. It might be worthy of a Post or a picture, just because I would find it so curious. Hell, if I was offended, I might even refuse to stay at that resort again. That is my right as an American. What is NOT my right as an American is to start censoring religious material in order to please my own personal sense of what is “OK”.  What has this country become.
Do you know that if people would just stop worrying about offending this group or that group how much more pleasant this country would be? If you don’t believe in God, GREAT, DON’T BELIEVE. Quit trying to wipe out every single reference to Christianity that there is. You want tolerance for your lack of belief? Then quit showing such intolerance for everything Christian. Tolerance goes both ways. What I see is you want us to accept you, and respect your lack of belief in a Deity. I am FINE with that, but why do you expect Christians to shut up about God when you wont shut up about a lack of God? If you don’t want to hear my Christian beliefs DON’T.  I don’t want every reference to atheism removed from my sight. Why is the Bible offensive to you? Here is a tip. DON’T READ it if it bothers you. It has no power over you.
What is with the weird desire to censor all Christianity? I thought atheists were all about freedom, and rights. If that is true then why the heck do you want to force your version of tolerance upon people who don’t agree with you. I don’t have the right to force you to go to church. I don’t have the right to force you to listen to me talk about God. Why do you have the right to force the country to appear a certain way, because it makes you uncomfortable. Many things make me uncomfortable, it doesn't mean I am going to sue or contact the attorney general because someone made me personally uncomfortable. People should grow the heck up.
I barely even recognize America anymore, because it has become so generic. What built this country was diverse groups of people, who fought for their independence. There were many different religions, that were here. The very thing that made this country so brilliant, has gone. What is left in its place is  a country run by useful idiots, who are so afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing that nothing gets done. Gone is daring, gone is true leadership. What is left, is a group of Politically correct buffoons, kowtowing to the belligerent wants of a tiny minority.  I am absolutely disgusted. What a bunch of whiners. Its time for America to stop catering to the desires of the few while stomping on the desires of the many. Put on your big boy  pants Mr. Buckner. The big bad Bible wont hurt you.

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