Thursday, May 9

I Am An American! Red, White And Blue Is My Blood!

Unlike Mooch 0bama, I have always been proud of my country. So proud, that while in my thirties, I signed up to fight for her. I am a wife, a mom, a grandma, but I am also a Christian and an American. I watch daily as the liberal progressive pigs work at an exhausting pace to destroy everything good about America. And I am tired. I am tired of seeing the few win the war on Christianity because they are "offended." If I offend you with my faith, then I say GOOD! Be offended and move the hell out of my way because I have no time for you. If you are offended by God, then prepare to be my enemy. I won't bow down so as not to step on your toes. You have clearly stepped on mine so expect the same treatment. The golden rule, right?

I have watched as the DNC booed God. As people of Christian faith are being slaughtered across the world. As people of Christian faith face derision here in America. And as Christians are placed at the very top of 0bama's terror watch list...far above al-quaeda.

I just have this to say. I AM AN AMERICAN AND THIS IS MY COUNTRY! I will fight to defend her and to defend the rights and privileges afforded to us through our Constitution. I will not comply. I will not lay down. I will not fail. Islam is not my religion and I will not tone down my speech so as not to offend anyone. We The People have got to step up. If we don't, we will be trampled and forgotten.

There is a storm coming to America. It is coming fast and it is fierce. Pretending that it isn't won't make it pass over you. If we are complacent, it will devour us. We must be ready because the winds of change are blowing at gale force. Stand at the ready and let's do things the American way. Let's put a boot in their ass so they may NEVER forget who Americans are and what we are capable of.

My husband reminded me last night that we have red, white and blue running through our veins...literally. Red blood cells, white blood cells and our blood is blue inside. Stand up! Stand strong! Stand ready! But above all else...just stand.

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