Wednesday, May 8

Why the Left Should Be Terrified That Mark Sanford Won

Mark Sanford won a special election that everyone said was impossible for him to win. The formerly disgraced Governor of South Carolina, ran in a special election in South Carolina’s first Congressional district. Mark Sanford was disgraced in 2009 when it was revealed that he had an extramarital affair with his Argentinian Mistress, Maria BelĂ©n Chapur. It was also later revealed that he flew on taxpayer money to visit his mistress, and disappeared for several days, and neither his wife or his security detail was aware that he was visiting his mistress.  Mr. Sanford disappeared for about 4 days, lying and saying he was hiking the Appalachian trail. He refused to answer phone calls, and his family had no idea where he was. He didn’t even call on father’s day. This guy still has pending court appearances. He is to appear in court on Thursday to answer his ex-wife’s claim of trespassing. She claims he violated their divorce agreement by trespassing in her home. All of that happened, and he STILL won over the democrat choice.
My point with this, is simply to point out, how badly democrats are doing in the public opinion right now. If  Mark Sanford can win, anyone can. Not only is he a scandalous candidate, but still has pending legal action against him. Yet not even with all that dirt hanging over him can the democrats win. Now true, he ran in a Heavily Republican district. That certainly gave him a slight advantage. However, the people of South Carolina were none too happy with Sanford. Lets face it, this guy was faced with the threat of impeachment. He was censured by the same house that he now has been elected to. How is that for irony.
If the democrats aren’t afraid…. They should be. If Mark Sanford can win a seat in the same house that voted nearly unanimously to Censure him, then the democrats are in trouble. Big trouble. Perhaps if they spent as much time and resources trying to get their candidate, Colbert-Busch elected, as they did railing against Rush Limbaugh, and trying to push the unwanted gun control issue, they would’ve won. The truth is, Mark Sanford and his campaign outworked Colbert-Busch. He did 11 events in the final day alone. He was predicted to lose, but won fairly easily, the election was called just 90 minutes after the polls closed.
Truthfully, if you take all the scandal out of the picture. Sanford was a much better candidate. Period. This gives lie to the idea that the democrats can run “anyone” and win. They need to be a bit more choosy with their candidates. Sanford made Colbert-Busch look lazy and uncaring. He attacked Colbert-Busch’s ties to people like Nancy Pelosi, who isn’t popular anywhere but California.
Democrats need to take heed. If Mark Sanford can make his return complete, the 2014 congressional election is fraught with danger for the democrats.

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