Saturday, June 22

13 Year Old Gets Sodomized And Entire Colorado Town Blames Him And His Family

Norwood, Colorado. Maybe a nice place to visit, through pictures online, but I wouldn't suggest actually going there. The folks in this tiny community have lost their mind, if they ever had much of one in the first place. There are only 440 people that make up this tiny town, and we all know that small towns are a place where everyone knows everyone else and also their business.

When the high school went to the State wrestling tournament in Denver last year, three older students (boys) cornered a 13 year old on an empty bus and then proceeded to duct tape him and then shoved a pencil in his rectum.

Two of the attackers are the sons of Robert Harris, Norwood's wrestling coach and the president of the school board. The victim is the son of the Norwood principle. When the victims father confronted the coach about the incident, Mr. Harris said nothing happened. So he then went to the schools superintendent, David Crews, who then gave the boys a one-day in school suspension. The victims father, being frustrated by such a slap in the face to his son and his family, then went to the police. That's when the community turned on the victim and his family.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty,” the principal told Bloomberg News. “When you take on, first, a powerful family in the town — and he is also the school board president, and his kid had done something wrong — there is going to be something coming back at you.”
More from Bloomberg News:
While the 7th-grade victim didn’t require medical attention after the attack, he soon found himself repeatedly teased by students.
“They would say, ‘What’s been stuck up your butt today?”‘ said his mother. “Things were posted on Facebook, like ‘Rot in hell, liar!”‘
As word spread about the incident, townspeople turned against the principal and his family.
“When I was in school there might have been bullying, but there was none of this crap about telling the school,” said Jennifer Long, a waitress at the Hitchin’ Post Cowboy Bar, a popular eatery on the town’s main street. “How you going to be tough if you don’t get bullied sometimes?” she said.
Long’s husband James Eilmann agreed.
“I got bullied as a kid because I had long hair and earrings,” said Eilmann, a 45-year-old carpenter. “I played football, baseball and soccer and the older kids bullied me. But we always shook hands and it would be over with. But today, you can get prosecuted. It has all gone too far.” [...]
“It should have been left alone,” said Sheldon Cline, a 54-year-old electrician. “It should have been handled through the system here. If you publicize it, it gets blown out of proportion.”
Norwood is a small town where roughly 77% of the entire population are registered democrats. Of course they will turn on the victim. Of course they will think there is nothing wrong with the actions of the three older boys. Shoving anything up another boys butt is completely normal. Right? Happens all the time...just a little bullying...Right?

This goes so far beyond a simple case of hazing. They better hope this young man doesn't grow up to be full of anger and hate. They better hope they haven't created another Columbine with their "tolerance" of filth and intolerance of telling the truth. This entire town sounds like they are right out of the movie Deliverance. They see nothing wrong with this and that is a major problem. I would be highly concerned if my son were accused of shoving something up another boys butt. There would not only be consequences, there would be some counseling involved. The kind of counseling that goes on behind the wood shed.

This town is certainly not doing their youth any favors. They just sent the message loud and clear that they can do whatever they want and if someone tells on them, they will be run out of town and ostracized. Well, come to Texas assholes...see if that kind of thinking helps you out here. Colorado is nothing more than a disgusting cesspool of brain dead democrats these days. I won't ever visit there again. Maybe the wildlife will thin a few of these jerks out since they can't have guns anymore. This is just further proof that when you let Democrats be in control, everything goes to hell and they are too stupid to even realize it.

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