Tuesday, June 18

A NSA Systems Administrator With A Dubious Background?

Do you really believe the National Security Agency (“NSA”) is that inept in its hiring practices? 

We’ve already learned that Edward Snowden was not necessarily the “high school drop-out” we were led to believe initially. 

And, I strongly suspect we’ll later find he was fully qualified, and fully vetted, for his position within the organization. 

With that said, I don’t see him as the “hero” many are making him out to be. A “hero” does not seek refuge in China as he attempts to achieve “whistleblower” status. 

Moreover, a “whistleblower” does not immediately release information to the media without having followed proper protocol first. 

But, I don’t see Snowden as a traitor either. None of the information he’s released so far is surprising to our adversaries...

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