Monday, June 10

Et Tu Chile

Chilean President Sits at President Obamas Oval Office Desk

It would seem that we, as a Nation, have become such a joke...such a laughing stock to the rest of the world that now anybody can just plant themselves behind the President Of The United States' desk. Pictured above is Sebastian Pinera, the President of Chile. He announced in Spanish that he was going to sit there and then just walked over and plopped himself down in the President's seat.

As Obama laughs and jokes, he has no idea that the joke is actually on him. World leaders have so little respect for him that they feel they can do whatever they want, even sit in his chair. I am so sick and tired of this ass kissing resident in chief. This is what happens, Barry, when you bow yourself down lower than others. No one respects you OR the office you have squatted in. I understand that things are probably run differently in Kenya, but you aren't IN Kenya, you fly ridden piece of crap. This is AMERICA! It is MY country and those like me. Stop making it such a laughing stock. We have just about had enough of your stupidity and your ineptness. You are a lazy, good for nothing, drain on the American people. Who gets the most welfare? You and Mooch, Barry. Living the high life and taking nothing seriously.

I just get angrier by the minute with these people. No class. No honor. No morality. No nothing. Do nothing.

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