Sunday, June 23

Even Yahoo! News Says Obama Was Born In Kenya

Look. We all know he was born in Kenya. Even those who vehemently deny the claim. But there has been too much evidence that does nothing but support the claim. Even Yahoo! News had a slip of the truth which they immediately fixed of course.

Yahoo! News Says Obama Was Born in Kenya

No matter how hard the left tries to shove the truth under the rug, eventually little bits and pieces begin to filter out. There is so much truth under there now that it won't be long before the rug will have to be completely pulled back so a thorough cleaning can be done. The rug will most likely have to be thrown away as it is far too stained to ever be cleaned good enough. But that happens sometimes. You have to throw out the old and replace with the new. Some stains are just too tough, no matter how much bleach you put on it.

I, for one, have always believed he was born in Kenya. Too much evidence supports it. His birth certificate is a forgery and he has worked too hard and spent too many millions of OUR money to hide his heritage. Poor Barry. We know you are ashamed of your white momma. I would be too if my mom was a whore and just slept with any old thing that came along. But she wasn't. Yours was. These are just the facts. Get over it. You could say you were from Mars and your little sheeple would still follow you off the cliff. Of course the rest of us wouldn't. But you'll still have your followers, just no power. And that is what you crave most, isn't Barry? Power. Power over the all the earth. Well, you won't have it. The majority of the world hates you Barry and they are using you. Bless your little stammering heart. You don't have the intestinal fortitude to stand for anything. You ignorantly think that if you destroy America, that those in power in the Muslim world will make you a leader of something. They won't. You've just about used up your usefulness to them and they will throw your rug out Barry. That is, if the American people don't beat them to it.

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