Monday, June 17

Feral Kids Running Wild In America

The man above is Jesse Daniels and he is now accused of endangering the welfare of children. Why? Because he caught those "children" vandalizing his Father-in-laws home. The "kids" did about $40,000 in damage. Mr. Daniels put them inside a closet until police arrived and now he has been arrested and is facing up to 4 years jail time.
Jesse Daniels Locks Boys in a Closet After Catching Them Vandalizing Home    and Now He Faces Jail Time

These kids were ages 8 and 10. "Accounts of what unfolded that night differ greatly. While Daniels says he merely put the children in the closet and told them to “be cool” until authorities arrived, the parents of the kids claim that Daniels went as far as to grab one of them by the throat; the boys, they claim, are traumatized by what unfolded."

Traumatized? I would have had my ass beat by my parents and then handed over to the neighbor to have it beat again by them! Maybe that's part of the reason I never even thought of doing things like this. These parents need their ass beat, too. Congratulations parents! You have just successfully ensured that your precious little "angels" will grow up to be worthless thugs. How? By pushing to prosecute THEIR victim.

I hope this man counter sues these idiots for the damages and I hope these little punks have to spend at least one night in a juvenile facility. The parents should be charged with endangering the welfare of a child because they DID NOT KNOW where they were and if they did, then they are guilty of the vandalism as well.

My children know the consequences for this type of behavior and that is why they never did it. It's not worth facing the wrath of mom. Those parents should not only have to pay for the damage, they should be forced...along with their children, to clean it up themselves. Hard labor. Nothing brings out a temper like having to clean up the careless mess of someone else. Maybe then, these kids would feel the stinging leather of a belt on their backside and think twice before EVER doing anything like this again.

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