Thursday, June 20

Gang of 8 panics; offers to improve "Border Security Act" which CBO found provided no security . . .

Today's super-improved "border security" provisions are claimed by the Gang of 8 to be even better than yesterday's border security measures! After we were told that the Amnesty Bill couldn't be changed and was the greatest bolstering of border security in US history.
We were told yesterday that failing to support yesterday's Amnesty Bill meant the end of the Republican Party. And now the bill that couldn't be changed has somehow been improved.
Sorry. A temporary surge of order agents under the control of Janet Napolitano fails to convince the Center.
The CBO scoring shows that the Schumer/Rubio "Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act" will only reduce illegal immigration by 25%, and will increase unemployment while reducing wages. In other words it will not secure the border and it will not create economic opportunity. 
And we are not persuaded that the Act "modernizes" immigration, whatever that means, or that "modernization" of immigration is a pressing national issue.

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