Wednesday, June 26

Governor Cuomo rolls the dice on even more graft and corruption for NY Democrats . . .

New York Governor Cuomo's casino gambling gambit will allow for four casinos in New York State and their locations will be chosen by "Cuomo and legislative leaders."
And guess what? Cuomo and the legislature will be free to accept contributions from potential casino operators despite a prior Cuomo promise to ban such gifts.
If casino gambling is beneficial to communities then why not apply such policies state-wide? It’s really very simple. Legislation and tax policies which provide benefits to all citizens yield fewer votes, political contributions and favors to Democrats than “targeted” proposals. The Democrat guiding principle is to divide us into groups, and then to threaten punishment to certain groups while offering rewards to others.
Despite the Democrats incessant bleating about “fairness,” unequal treatment of both groups and individuals is essential to Democrat electoral success. Graft, envy and anger are the keys to Democrat hope and change.

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