Sunday, June 16

Immigration Activists Leave Piles Of Shoes In Front Of Home Of Kansas Secretary Of State

Yesterday, immigration protesters marched on the home of Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. They left behind the shoes of the "fathers" that have been deported. Kobach held a key role in authoring the Arizona's tough immigration law.

“Every time immigration is tied with Kansas, people automatically think of Kris Kobach, who has made a name for himself and a living off of pushing for self-deportation laws at the national level,” Sulma Arias, executive director of Sunflower Community Action, told the Kansas City Star. “We want the country to know that our values as Kansans move us to common-sense reform with a path to citizenship. Kobach does not represent Kansas values.”
“This is secretary of state of Kansas Kris Kobach’s house,” a man behind the camera narrates. “We found out where he lived and we came to visit him. We’ve left these shoes here so that maybe Mr. Kobach can try to fill them. These are the shoes of the fathers that he’s deported — that have been deported by his laws that he’s lobbied for and passed. Kobach separates families.”
Maybe if these "fathers" hadn't of broke the law in the first place, then they would still be standing in America in their own damned shoes. But don't worry...they will be back and very soon. The laws are that if you come into this country ILLEGALLY, then you have to go back. If you want to stay, then go to the BACK of the line and become a citizen. Like everything else you have your hand stuck out for, you have it stuck out for citizenship as well. You aren't willing to work for it. You just want it given to you. Go ahead, make these people legal. There will STILL be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of illegals because they just want to come here and take and they don't want to pay taxes.

This makes me sick. I posted a blog a couple of days ago about the 70 Republicans who are to stand against Boehner concerning the immigration bill. Following is the comment I received and my response to it. DO NOT expect to read something on MY blog and then try to call me out on it by bashing MY GOD! You want me fired up? That's how to do it! Get the hell out of MY Country if you don't have big enough balls to do it legally. And DON'T expect me to coddle someone who cares nothing about this Nation. I FOUGHT for this country. I AM an American. And I WILL NOT sit back and watch her be destroyed by left wing imbeciles who care NOTHING about her.

Charge these idiots with littering and DEPORT the ones who aren't here legally!

The comments are here:

KingofKonaJune 16, 2013 at 3:52 AM

Is not the Amnesty bill about loving your neighbor? Since your a big KJV fan I will put it in your terms. Mark 12:31 "And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these."

There it is in black and white. Love your neighbor as yourself. I know your neighbors might be not be brown BUT.... they are still your neighbors, and GOD COMMANDS IT, in no uncertain terms.

I would love to hear your response. That is if you are womanly enough to post my comment. On a side not ‎
OBAMA IS NOT A BROWN-SKINNED, ANTI-WAR SOCIALIST WHO GIVES AWAY FREE HEALTHCARE. YOU'RE THINKING OF JESUS. Remember to read your bible, if your going to flaunt it as proof of ideas and ideals.
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    1. Ahh, Im glad your blog allows comments to be posted without approval. This must mean that you like intelligent debate yes/no?
  • My Reply:
    1. No it isn't about that at all. And it has nothing to do with hate. Do you want neighbors who come on to your land as they wish and take from your garden without even asking? Or just let themselves into your home without being invited? I will get to Mark in a moment but the term "love thy neighbor as thyself is used 8 times in the Bible. In Leviticus 19:18, neighbor in the Hebrew is rea' and it comes from the root word ra'ah which means fellow citizen. Then we go on to the New Testament where the remaining terms are. In the Greek it is plesion and it means someone worthy of being regarded as a friend or neighbor or who actively performs the offices of being a friend or companion.
      And my neighbors ARE brown. But they are citizens like me. Very good people. I understand that there are MANY good people from other countries who wish to come here and I have no problem with that, but why can't they do it legally? Why do they have to come here illegally and then stick their hand out to be given something?

      It isn't about being womanly enough to post your comment. It is about being strong enough in Christ myself to do so. So there it is. I have read my Bible and I do so with understanding only from the Grace of God. Don't attempt to "debate" me on this if all you care to do is trash Him. I won't keep doing it. Pearls before swine...their spot is not our spot....and so on...

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