Wednesday, June 26

So shoot me and get over it. There is much at stake.

Like most Americans, I saw a photograph that went viral on the internet the day Boston was closed down by martial law.  A policeman told by a young mother that her child desperately needed milk, went out, found it, and brought it back.

Running thru my mind was - how the heck did he find two half-gallons of milk when the whole city was shut down except for donut  shops?

For the purpose of the point I want to make here, it matters not a whit to me that this story may be entirely true.  The alleged mother, Trish Sommers pleaded with an officer for milk for her son.  That alleged Brooklyn police officer, John Bradley, found milk for that child, good on him.  What matters to me is this -

Had a PR firm devised a subliminal message to America of the nanny state role it is trying (successfully we all know) to establish there could have been nothing more impressionable than this photo.

This is another of those “government is going to have to step in” moments.  It is called psyops.  We will take care of it!  We will take care of all of the approved aspects of your needs.  Your housing, clothing, finances, schooling, transportation - your damn I-phone, the air you breath.  Your child's milk!  It is for the greater good.  A very, very clear message IMO.

We are from the government - and we will take care of everything!

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