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Superstorm Omama and Global Warning

Author’s note:  Since one of my previous posts was accidently deleted, I feel totally justified in throwing this up here.  It’s a few months old, but it’s one of my favorites and I have been looking for an excuse run it again. 
Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and now, Winter Storm Nemo.  All these storms and all that damage.  About the only good thing about storms is that they usually don’t last that long, a few days at most.
Superstorm Obama is going to last eight years and has already done much more damage than all of the above-mentioned storms combined.  Don’t believe me?  Hurricane Katrina caused $108 billion in damages, Superstorm Sandy caused $71 billion, and Winter Storm Nemo’s damages will surely be in the tens of millions.
Think that’s a lot?  Obama’s economic stimulus package alone cost over $800 billion. What do we have to show for it?  That money’s gone.  The wind didn’t blow the money away, the government just blew it.  That was just the beginning of Superstorm Obama.  The damages continue to pile up and he still wants to spend and tax more.  He wants $1.6 trillion dollar tax hike and another $50 billion dollar stimulus package. 
Superstorm Obama’s policies have kept our economy lagging.  We have been stuck with a growth rate of 2 percent or below for over three years.  Obama says we are in an economic recovery.  Normally in a recovery, you’d expect to see 3 to 5 percent growth of GDP.  The Congressional Budget Office has determined that a one tenth of one percent reduction in GDP per year results in $314 billion of additional deficit spending over ten years. 
 When you combine this with all the wealth that has not been created due to the sluggish economy, it’s quite possible that Superstorm Obama will be more costly than all storms that have occurred in the U.S. in the past 100 years combined.
We are facing a cataclysmic change in our economic climate.  It’s not like we didn’t see it coming.  Policies similar to Obama’s have been used in Europe with disastrous results.  Unless we do something about it, what is happening in Greece could happen here and lead to a major world wide economic downturn.  Therefore, not only the United States should take heed.  This is truly a GLOBAL WARNING.
What is the reason for this GLOBAL WARNING?  It’s quite simple, really.  Too many governments want to act like they’re communists and take care of everybody instead of having people take care of themselves.  This can cause countries to spend more than they take in, and go into debt.  This becomes a problem when Countries OWE TOO much.  We’ll tag the scenario described in this paragraph in shorthand as C-OWE-TOO.
Long- term dependence on entitlement programs and public assistance can trick folks into believing that the government spending money (dollars, greenbacks, etc.) on them is their only salvation.  We’ll call this the GREENHOAX EFFECT.  Deficit spending on entitlement programs and public assistance causes C-OWE-TOO levels to rise.  The GREENHOAX EFFECT itself can contribute to a rise in C-OWE-TOO levels because it encourages deficit spending on entitlement programs and public assistance, which can contribute to the GREENHOAX EFFECT.  It’s all a rather vicious cycle, and is the cause for this GLOBAL WARNING.
There are other dangers too; some types of assets are becoming endangered species.  As the sea-of-debt levels rise, governments will be tempted to print more money and pay off what they owe with inflated currency, but this will cause the value of cold hard cash to melt and some investors will face a loss of habitat.  Our entire economic environment is threatened.  In desperation, many people will believe lies and elect charlatans and we will have even more tempests like Superstorm Obama.
So let’s review.  C-OWE-TOO contributes the GREENHOAX EFFECT which causes even more C-OWE-TOO and so on, which is the cause for this GLOBAL WARNING about economic disasters like Superstorm Obama.
Don’t you wish the left would take real threats to our economy as seriously as some bogus theory based upon faulty data?

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The Conservative Wife said...

I REALLY like this...and absolutely spot on...Wish everyone had their eyes open.

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